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SM125 - Readjust Your Body Clock
Two new speedmaps following the theme "timelimit", requiring you to incease the rate of your pacemakers and speed through instead of standing around gazing and slobbering.
generic sent in his "very survivable" "little tower of power", neg!ke reminds you of what it means to be at the mercy of public sanitation.

both are nice levels!
and i liked final sounds in the negike's ;) 
I've wanted to make a HL themed map for a long ass time. That looks fucking sick!
Can't really say much about Generics screen. Looks like might be pretty crazy. 
Neg!ke's map is wonderful! I want to marry you! (A full map would be acceptable too...)

Generic's is nice too, but of course not as innovative. I had a lot of fun! 
Hmm . . . 
Neg!ke's map is wonderful! I want to marry you! (A full map would be acceptable too...)

Check out Bal's alien chick model. Having her riding your lap will cure that idea right up. But then again, she makes you meet her nosy, judgemental parents and you find out she has the next 25 years of your life planned out to the day and meal, and you might wanna go back to marrying Neg!ke. 

real nice maps :9 neg|ke make this map bigger please!!! and release it in Quake anyversary :p

Generic was a real short blast but i love it a lot :)

keep it up!!!

most of the hl textures work fine with quake (the screenshot makes the dimensions appear strange, but it actually works out properly). they demand brighter lighting, tough - or so i felt.
what really sucks about the hl wad (i use) is that it contains all base textures (no xen), which are *many*, but their titles are so highly impractical... so one would want to make an extra wad with a collection of assorted textures first.

generic: no boxes please :/ 
generic: fun gameplay, very cool concept, but too short(hell revealed map 31 comes to mind (Doom), where you load up on ressources in the beginning and by the time the lift has descended the monster count is like 200). But I do realize it�s a speedmap.

neg!ke: where do you get those ideas from :P, simply great map

first hand experiences :/ 
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