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Here3dm7: "Upper Agony" Released
Here (that's his name) has released his latest Quake 3 map, "Upper Agony." To download it, go to his website, then scroll way down until you see a link to it in the Quake 3 section. (Direct link not possible becuase of Lycos' web server.) When you're there, you'll see that here3dm7 is not really his latest map. It's all very confusing, even to me.

Here's Here's page:
here here! 
SO is the map good? I wanna know before i download on my 56k! :) 
see my 'review' in this thread:

yes, it's a fine and good map, worth the time to download and look at. The thing that I liked so much about the map was it's setting, and theme, and how well they ended up gelling. Here is seriously a mapper to watch for his future maps. 
I Work To Repare Probems 
many problem are here ! :)))
don't download it now
there is too many small problem

---> this afternoon you can download my laste map here3domectf i think ther is no errors enjoy this map (3 hours compiling :( )
I turn my pc all the night on to compile this map ... (my parents are furioue ...)

So enjoy this map !!! 
Now Upper Agonny Is Released !!! 
yes you can in 1hour after my post ...

download it on

Enjoy ...
Scampie i try to repare a lot of problems . But not all 
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit !!! 
we say in french "meeeeeeeerd"

the url is 
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