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Shadowgrounds is a budget top-down 3d blast-em-up where you fight waves and waves of geneticly engineered aliens over some very cool "aliens" style levels.

No-one on this board has really talked about this game... I picked up the full version (10 quid) after having a real blast in the demo version available on Steam.

It has some very cool features, full dynamic lights and shadows like doom 3 and a flashlight that is used in the gameplay, some of the aliens are afraid of the light so you can use the torch to make them run away while you pick them off, the batteries run down and recharge when you turn the flashlight off, which makes for some tense fights when your battery power starts to run low.

Gameplay is frantic and oldschool, which is great :) I cannot complain about any of the weapons, they are all really beefy and fun to use, the game also features a cool weapon upgrade system, whereby you collect "upgrade parts" from defeated enemies and spend them on addons and upgrades to your existing weapons, 90% of which are very useful.

The enemies are very cool to fight also, from the light avoiding aliens you also can fight small and large varieties of slashing aliens, huge hellknight style things that shoot lasers everywhere, invisible snake things that slash at you (you can only see them by using the torch) and even an ED-209 from robocop!

Also you can play it Co-op with another player splitscreen style which is fun as hell. I recommend you all try the demo out at least. - Website - Buy shadowgrounds (or download demo) from STEAM
i tried it, but i could just never get into top down or isometric games like that. :( i was bored in the first few minutes, so i just deleted it. 
why new thread? its not fps and not mapable even. game is well made but tad boring at start and no saves - wtf I expected more fun 
There is a map editor being released shortly.

And I must have missed the sign saying "only discuss fps games" ... 
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