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Sauerbraten Release With Good SP Functionality
Aardappel has just released the latest version of Sauerbraten, the successor to Cube. This version features, in his words, "lots of changes to make SP fun (triggers, doors, respawning system), editing improvements (heightfield mode, copy & past in mp) and plenty of random goodies like scripting language improvements, fullscreen shaders etc."

Sauerbraten home:
Download page:
You can check out two of my levels in this release, metl3 (which has been in Sauerbraten for a while) and metl2 (which was just added recently.) Both of these are conversions of my old cube levels, with more geometric detail and completely redone lighting. 
That looks sweet! Some of those shots look way better than the last version (some are ok though.) I'm gonna have to check this out. Awesome work Aardappel (and friends)! 
the size of some of the maps looks impressive from the screenshots. why isn't it killing the frame rate (assuming it doesn't)? 
used some really radical rendering and scene organisation techniques in his engine. Like he stated for his cube engine, it is really an outdoor renderer (like ROAM) desquised as an interior first person shooter. Wicked clever guy. 
I've Been 
getting my 'i' and 'e's mixed all morning. I'm giving up beer breakfast and maybe even beer lunch. 
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