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Doom3 Textures Converted To Quake
After 3 months of hard work, I finally finished Doom3 textures conversion "down to" Quake wad format. I hope the results to be appreciated here :P
Maybe there are some remaining fullbrights, or things that could have been done better, so feel free to comment, to give advices, etc...
Note I didn't test all the set ingame, so I hope to see new maps with Doom3 "Quaked" texture set soon. :D

The link:
My home Page:

Please also note I've added other textures I made for Quake Travail in the Quake section on my website....

Oh, I was about to forget: Spirit, the stuff is already uploaded onto Quaddicted ;)

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I Was Gonna Say... 
Yes please can we have some screenshots, preferably in-game with lighting etc, it would be interresting to see how well the d3 stuff converts. Like Blitz said the organic / rock textures are really cool. 
Who'da Thunk 
Modern textures would be used in a 10-year old game :) 
sounds illegal
also blue-green-grey looks like shit in q1 pal indeed 
Well, it would have been illegal if I made the conversion in a commercial way. And it is not, so I guess I can only be blamed to convert high resolution textures into Quake 8bit wad...

OTOH, I noticed that blue-green-grey textures are not very good... nevertheless, I tried to preserve the look the set has in Doom3 ingame...

And concerning screenshot, I will provided some, when I will finish the map I'm working on ;) 
It's still illegal, you are distributing copyrighted content.
Good work though, these actually look quite ok, now go make a map with them, that's what we all really want. ;) 
Nice Work! 
They look pretty good ingame in my opinion. Made a crappy little "map", heh:
(I know I cut the door wrong...)

I'd love to see how it looks like when you have the original textures replacing this ones in modern engines! 
looks remarkably similar to those "doom3 on a voodoo card" screenshots :) 
Oh, this crappy little room is quite interesting, and looks really promising ! I hope my next map to be as good as your room ;) 
Did you solve your "unzip" issue ? 
i also start download and get zip error... note: was using getright... discnnect getright and download normaly in .ie and work perfect!!!

good work JPL :) after the map i�m making now got more two in mind then i will try textures but i like a lot some of then good work!!! 
you should have tweaked the colours before the palette conversion so that you get the most out of the quake palette. When I converted Q3 texes for marcher, I dicked around with the 'levels' to brown everything up just enough to get a good range from the q1 palette, without smearing everything into the same uniform shade. 
The zip is indeed corrupt; file Doom3_hell.wad fails crc. I checked in three archivers and they all have problems with the zip. Could you please add a separate zip of that wad? 
The Doom3_enpro.wad file is also corrupt. The archivers just skipped this file without reporting any error, but when explicitly extracting it, the file is unreadable. 
I Viewed All These Wads With No Problems. 
Me Too 
maybe look if you are using a download accelerator like Trinca did or try downloading from 
AguirRe / Spirit / Kinn 
aguirRe / Spirit: I just tried to download the stuff using the link of my homepage with firefox, and I get no error during download, and no error when unzipping the stuff (please note I'm at office... :(... )...
So I guess it comes from your ADSL link.... maybe a simple download from your navigator would work better (as Trinca adviced).. Let me know if you still have issues.. .

Kinn: I tweaked the color a little, but not too much before Quake palette conversion... My idea was first to "preserve" the Doom3 look ingame, even if the Quake palette dicrease the texture quality. I also made some hue/saturation modification on some red/orange textures in order to avoid fullbrights, but I'm not sure that I've been able to avoid it completly..
I think I will have to reload a Quake palette without fullbright colors on some textures... I will see with my next map ;P 
I browsed over to PlanetQuake, and I noticed the pic of the day and I thought I recognized it. My first thought, 'good for Spirit, they ran with his Doom3 texture test', but nope, it was from a Quake 4 mod that looked very similar. 
Looking forward to using that. that'd be a good, simple SM theme. Not that anybody makes those things anymore. 
There's not so much difference ;) 
I rock! And JPL rocks too! id, hire us! :D 
Wowz0rs great work. Although I'd rather you work on a Quake-on-Doom3-engine TC, this is probably the next best thing. 
Hey man , we're in 2006, quake was release while ago, yeah , im still a fan of it, and i REALLY apreciate that their still people up there and continuing doing great work like your.

You should try Quake4 :D 
Well Done.. 
The file unzipped well, and so did the tex.
Good job, sorry I can't relate it to a level, because I don't have Doom3.

But it would be great seeing a doom3level converted to Quake1 to compare. 
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