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Blood Sweat & Piss Released!
BSP - Blood sweat & piss released, a small/medium sized Q1DM using Kell's "Knave" textures. Built with gameplay rather than looks in mind, hope you like it.

Please comment! :)

Get the map :
Thumbs Up 
It's attractive, and the flow seems good. No dead ends or anything silly like that. 
nice one, d4z!
liked lighting a lot :) 
i liked it alot, but it somehow lacked of something. i dont know. its nice, and like i said, i like it. :) 
I Took A Look Around 
and it looked very slick, very old-skool. Looked nice with a hint of fog too, mmm. Keep it up D4z! 
would have been better if the Drannerz personality had done it. 
I thought we had a deal? I mention you in the realme.txt and you leave me alone! :)

Thanks for the comments, next up is wad.bsp and then map.bsp. And err mdl.bsp hehe. 
Does "realme.txt" 
finally answer the question about which is the real you? 
Holy Shit! 
I was gonna ask (myself) what had happened to this map. you (I) were so close to releasing it, and suddenly everything just stopped. Nice to see it released at last. Now when the fuck it frib releasing Piggy?

On the map...nice work. My only grumble in beta was the ammo, but now that's fixed it's cool. Only thing I found was bots getting stuck on the megahealth 'island' in the lava, but they were fun to shoot so I'll let you off.

Long live the DaZ Drannerz DannzerZ
Doggy Dobzzrbr mapping catastrophe! 
Nice map DaZ.

That's it, end of transmisson! 
My Thoughts 
I only played this map once, and it was a duel, so I don't really have much feedback on gameplay. However, overall the map looks good enough. I'm not sure what I think about having only one RL and no YA, though.

Also, the stairs around the MH are a bit too dark. When DaZ and I dueled, one time I lost him in the darkness and couldn't see him, and another time he lost me.

Not being able to climb out of the lava (?) also annoyed me, since it would be possible if the lava was 8 units higher, and it was taunting me.

Hmm... This feedback seems to be predominately negative, which was not my intention. I suppose that's because I haven't had the chance to give the map a proper playing. 
ahh the memories of the beta tests come flying back, its too dark! NO! its to bright! :)

As for the lava, bah :) Its your fault for falling in there in the 1st place hehe. 
i remember falling in the lava and being able to get out, but i may be senile 
=) I Like It 
Very good map! Great work. 
Dark And Light 
Lighting is a freaking bitch. What looks just right at night can seem way too dark in the daytime when there's more light in the room. 
My room is always dark, I have my windows blacked out. The only thing good about daytime is that night follows :) 
Good Wordgame !!! 
bsp.bsp !!!

Downloading ... installing ... playing ... enjoying !!! I love your textures . Good dm map !!!

p.s1 : i like q1map downloading with 56 ko
p.s2 : MOUMOUTE !!! 
What does this mean?? :)

Glad you enjoy the map. 
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