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WEB DESIGN(flash+html) And 3D Modeling And Animation
hello people, i use this opportunity to once again advertize my firm to all who needs a web site. My firm does incredible work in its sphere which is advanced Flash, html, 3D modeling, special effects ,etc.
the address is:
for those who are interested in our service, feel free to email me at my personal email address:
Or email vertex studios at:
Thank you for your time..
Please Design Yourself Off This Forum. 
I'm a web designer, but I dont' spam here. Of course I could always start...

This is a mapping forum ffs. 
Obviously this is innapropriate, but i'm not sure if my dislike for outside advertisement is stronger than my dislike for censoring/modifying posts and threads.

Oh, and Phait: How's your memory? 
I Will 
provide sex for sums of money 
tell me more -- sex with whom? 
That's not spam, that's something people could actually benefit from. 
Seriously, Dennis 
your company is clearly very good at flash/3d modelling/animation based web design, but I doubt you'll find many people willing to pay for that style of design here. 
Well I.. 
offer a variety of services but perhaps the most interesting to you as a customer is a 3 month old virgin kitten... with all his claws 
Hey, Well Now... 
I see this guy is familiar with

The similiarities in design concepts are amazing. I bet it is just a wild coincidence. Silly me. 
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