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Quake Expo 2006 Discussion Thread
I thought it would be nice to get a thread going about the Expo. This looks like being one of the largest Quake events of recent years, as it ties into the 10th Anniversary of the game.

The Place

The Time
July 17th till July 27th, with the 22nd being the median point celebrating Quake turning 10.

How do I sign up?
You need to get yourself a virtual 'booth'. Sign-ups should start today on the website above.

Then what do I do?
You upload all the content you've been making for this event, silly. If you haven't got any make some! If you can't, join in all the events you can (speedmapping, turtlemapping, speedmodding, etc).

Also, it's important to post in all the messageboards, chat in the IRC channel, download and play everything you can and then email the authors with news of your delight or disgust. Lets keep quake buzzing.
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So, What Are You Working On? 
Do you think you'll finish it by the Expo?

Personally I have a few things planned. One thing that's definitely going to make it is an idbase retexturing pack I showed a screenshot of a couple of months ago. I hope to also finish a tiny map that showcases the textures.

There are other things too, I just hope I have time. 
this is the 1st I have heard about qexpo this year so I doubt I can have anything remotely ready by the date you say SB :)

A shame 
Yes! (and No :( ) 
Well, I have a DM3 SP/DM remix level in the works, which is final beta now, and there is a slim chance my large Chapters map might also be done by the END of QExpo (more likely it will be out shortly after).

All the other stuff I was planning though... not much chance :( I'll probably take part in the turtle mapping session though, so maybe I will have three SP maps out within a month.

Can't wait for the QExpo site to go up so that I can start work on my booth :) 
Content Plans 
For my QExpo:
-- I'll have some details on my expansion episode.
The idea has evolved a bit since the last time I mentioned it.

-- A new and much expanded version of my, 'Star of Morning's Minion Kingdom' map, originaly from speedmap session 95.

-- I'm taking the map, 'Mortisville', I showed some screenies earlier out of the episode pack and making it a standalone Quake map. Whether it will be up and running by the QExpo will depend on the time it takes to vis this huge mutha.

-- A speedmap I did earlier, is already passed on to Neg!ke, but I have promised him a simple bug fix. So it's my bad it hasn't been released yet, not his.

-- Also, I helped Trinca with the QuakeC for his very enjoyable new map pack.

If I have time, I'll release a monster and weapon pack that is a beta for the episode so people can give me an idea of what to keep and what is bleh. 
please don't spoil all the fun! 
Somebody Let Me Know When The Sign-ups Have Begun 
What I Said Before 
ALL LIES! I just made it up so that it would look like I was working on things for QExpo. Actually I have been doing nothing but masturbating for the past few months and definitely NOT working on ANY Quake maps at all. 
I Just Learned To Hollow Out A Box 
in Radiant. By the time QExpo is up next week, I'm sure I'll be able to put a few maps together.

Mostly I have been smoking myself retarded for the past few months. 
-- Also, I helped Trinca with the QuakeC for his very enjoyable new map pack.

:) thks :) u did a great work!!! 
... will the website will be activated ? There is still a "Coming Soon Shambler" picture...

Anyway, I think I will try to post something about my current project. It is based on Doom3 textures converted set I released some weeks ago, and unfortunately I think only few shots will be available during this period, not a full map...

Oh, and Happy Birthday Quake !! 
I have a mapping tutorial/article to post there. 
Besides that specific tutorial, you had those musings too about new mappers and criticism etc, maybe write an article about that too? It'd fit with the 10 year theme too, with all these historical things, people coming and going.

Don't be afraid to share, a little wisdom can replace a lot of work. :) 
Articles are definitely more than welcome, and very much encouraged. I would love to see many mods and maps present, or teased, but I would also like to see writing and similar works from people in the community, on all kinds of subjects - though if you do decide to write something, email me ( scar3crow at yahoo ) and tell me what it is, as I am considering writing a few and that way we wont be covering the exact same things =) 
Well Just To Get It Out In The Open 
I'm planning a booth featuring as many reviews as I can of the maps, mods, and other things released during the expo. I'm also planning one or more mapping tutorials. I'm not planning any articles about the "scene" or history of Quake; just straight forward reviews and technical documents.

I hope that's not conflicting with anyone else... 
Interviews Or Something 
any planned?
i'm sure langsuyar would have dropped some lines, mindcrime/nehahra staff, even some zer guys maybe, and others... now it's probably too late already. 
So when will booth registration begin? 
one significant interview is 95% complete (just wanna get some closing notes). i like how it went quite a lot. a minor one was done by FrikaC and i am planning another minor one.

the booth registration is being tested by a handful of individuals outside of myself and Sajt right now - well, invitations to do so have been sent, and i have seen evidence of one person experimenting with it, making their own booth and trying to find loopholes and errors. so it will be tonight or early tomorrow unless someone finds some significant show stopper. 
Registration Is Now Open And Public 
not much :( 
In Response To Article By Jehar 
I spotted this over on doomworld forums:

Let's have the hardcore gamers know that they can have an influence over the kind of maps they play.

Why would they care? They have memorised aerowalk (hello inertia!), q2dm1 and q3dm17 and are happy with that.

I know what you mean with the article, but bringing hardcore gamers into anything is nothing but trouble. I would like to see more cooperation between the other 'divisions' of the community though. 
There's An Interview Up 
and it's a bloody good one, part 1 of 2 is at: 
Good Going Scarecrow 
That is exactly what I wanted to see 
"You're right about the eyes - most of the monsters don't have them", HA!

Very good work on that interview scar3crow. =) 
Most != Fiends 
Great Interview 
Looking forward to the second half. :) 
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