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Q1 Bug-Fixed Thread
What this mean?
It's very simply: discussion thread for bug-fixed versions of Quake 1 related data.
This thread is antipode to BETAS-thread, so it can be consider as thread to discuss final/improved/enchantment/repacked/revised/revamped/postfinal/lastofficiallysupported versions of some Q1 related stuff.

Note: thalick is pronounced as [talik]!
Nehahra: Full (Bug-Fixed) 
Hi, all!

The new improved version of "NEHAHRA: THE MOVIE" and "THE SEAL OF NEHAHRA: THE MOVIE" is offered to your attention.

Briefly about changes:

1. In THE GAME all game data are placed in one pak, in THE MOVIE into 2 paks.
2. In case of installation both THE GAME and THE MOVIE, from THE MOVIE archive we must need to extract only one file - pak0.pak.
3. Bugs of playing THE MOVIE, such as "missing sound file", "missing skin", etc. are removed.
4. Given version of NEHAHRA is set to value 1.11 (BUG-FIXED)
More details you may found by next link (English and Russian):
(link will be given a little bit later)
Downgrade is supported updown to 1.02.
The history of versions of NEHAHRA can be found by next link:
(link will be given a little bit later)
All addons also are immproved (their size after revision is considerably reduced)
So, if it is necessary for somebody, I upload it to inet.
Now, simply discuss this post.

Last moment: as I have restriction on the size of files placed on a server so all this data will be archived with RAR-archiver by splitting to volumes. Hence, it is necessary to watch precisely about updating as numberings of volumes and behind this thread.
All links will be true during several days after uploading files on a server!

This is my present to QExpo2006. 
BFG-progs.dat: The Announcement 
BFG-progs.dat: progs.dat for bug-fixed Q1-game

As is known original progs.dat from id it is

allocated set of problems. So, I as many up to me

have decided to correct these bugs.
For a basis has been taken progs.dat from a team

QdQ (ver.1.8) (many thanks to the guy by nickname

Ziggurath). But the source code has set of

decompiling errors so work goes slowly. Moreover

I'm catastrophically no have of time. QdQ guys

please give yours source code and work will go

I shall inform on progress from time to time.

Progress bar: 30 % (as July 2006)

Now about some improvements:
- Almost all QdQ improvements are added;
- e2m4, skill 3: max killed/total monsters count

increased by 4 (4 scrags);
- e4m3, skill 0: max killed/total monsters count

increased by 1 (1 fiend);
- end, all skill: gameplay are more scaried;
- added centerprint message capturing;
- added map ' item statistic output;
- added map ' monster statistic output;
- I have some more idea.

Links to screenshots and demos for above

mentioned things will be added later.

Stay on tune. 
Looks Like That Guy Tries To Fix Quake 
BFG-progs.dat Mean ... 
BFG-progs.dat mean BUG-FIXED GAME (or GAMEPLAY) but NOT bug-fixed progs.dat.
You can get demos (recorded in later night) with my progs.dat from here:

So go to and download

Compare them to appropriate demos from SDA-team and from your own and you will see THAT:

Map - Maximum of possible kills / Number of monsters
( id1 SDA/QdQ BFG-progs)
e2m4 (nightmare) - 74/78 74/74 78/78
e4m3 (easy) - 50/51 50/50 51/51

On map "end" with id' or QdQ-progs.dat one from spike-shooters does not work, but it begins to work with my BFG-progs.dat!

IMPORTANT: all demos are recorded with aguirRe's glquake ver. 1.30.

May be later I will add some screenshots for illustrate some features.

Mentioned in post #1 NEHAHRA historical data are available in one ZIP-file:

BUG-FIXED Nehahra (1.11), TSON (1.20) & addons are now available.
Go to and download nehahra.part?.rar
(for extract need RAR version 2.9 or above)

All links will be valid only a few days.
So if anybody downloaded this files please post message to this thread for inform me.
Delete files from my site are restricted!
Total size: 157,9 Mb.

Inside RAR-shell you may found only 6 files:

- (v.1.20: 91.0 Mb)
- (v.1.11: 56.0 Mb)
- (v.1.01: 1.8 Mb)
- (v.1.01: 4.6 Mb)
- (v.1.01: 1.5 Mb)
- maelstrom_(v1&v2).zip (v.1.01: 3.0 Mb)

WBR, thalick. 
while at it, can someone make an AVI out of Seal Of Nehahra Movie and seed it on a torrent? that would be AWESOME as a gift for QuakeExpo 
You Should 
be able to find it as an avi at There was a remaster done a few years back that cleaned a few things up. 
someone make a proper dvd image, with menu/chapters and so on!
maybe even including bonus material like commentary stuff, making-of documentaries, and hopfully deleted scenes worth another two hours of dialogue! :D 
I'm sure a text-to-speech version of mindcrime's postings on func_ would take enough hours :-) 
I Can Picture An Interview 
of Mindcrime in a dark room with smoke from his cigarette getting lighted by the rays coming from between the blinds, and starting off a long monologue: "Well, it was 199...". Someone get a videocamera and make the trip. 
Nehahra Goes To Underground 
All link given in post #5 will be broken after 24 hours.
I try upload this files to new place as soon as possible. Sorry...
If anybody download part of them please reply in this thread.
P.S. demos from recorded in "DESTROYER MODE ON" (impulse XYZ) :) 
Is Anybody Can... 
I planned to release my own NO-commercial project:
BUG-FIXED GAMEPLAY inside the QUAKE - BFGprogs.dat (pre-beta 1st public release).
The base of my work is decompiled QdQ-progs.dat v.1.8.
(thanks to guy who call himself ZiggurathVertigo.)

So, I cannot release my own work without SDA-team's permission.

Do you (guys from SDA-team) may give me permission (and source codes) of your


many thanks, thalick

P.S. sorry for my bad english 
if you need the source code from QdQ progs.dat, why not directly ask someone at, they are very helpful people. Or email one of the admins there, or ask on their forum. That would be more promising than asking here at func.

I'm sure they will help you out. 
I ask them.
But now I await his answer.
May be his e-mails broken; who known?
I send request to QdQ-team month ago.
And today I resended to them new request.
For speed-up process I doubled request to all Q1-community (because my main suggestion is: QdQ/SDA-guys are reading the func_msgboard news and threads) 
What Is Going On 
Oh, This Is An Old Thread Ressurected. Never Mind Me. 
then make a post on the sda forum explaining your project and ask for the source code there. 
QdQ Progs 

1. We don't hand out the source code for the QdQ progs to anyone but those on TeamSDA because of reasons I can't elaborate on here, sorry.

2. The QdQ progs has already fixed most of the bugs in Quake...

3. There's a pretty good chance you'll never receive an answer if you've tried to mail the QdQ mail as it's not in use any more :) 
Nehahra RePACK/reVIS/unFullbrighted 
old release v.1.11 (2006) and last v.1.12 (2007)
now available at:

Links are will be correct 2 days without downloading
and 2 month if download procees will be started

If you can host this files, than do it quickly.
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