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Quaddicted Defaced
Quaddicted has been attacked and although I hope and pray that it will soon be repaired, I think that in this instance we should make finding the culprit a primary priority.

Maybe you have noticed someone close to you acting strangely - a guilty expression and change in habits, possibly preferring Doom3 to Quake I. This could be someone you have known and trusted for years. If you suspect someone then first phone your local police authority and report them missing. Then go to your local hardware supply and get yourself a shovel, some quicklime and rubbish bags. Go to thier house in the early hours. The next step should be obvious.

Spirit; don't be disheartened by the little shits who do this sort of crap, your site is invaluable to the community.

Everyone else - there's an ad at quaddicted for a php coder to help (no idea) so if you know what that even means then you should at least have a look.
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Oh, calm down. It's not as bad as you probably think! :)
Thanks for the kind words!

I know that it was a turkish script kid that just used an exploit to the forum component. It was definitely not an attack with "deeper meanings". I knew an attack would come sooner or later because I got referrers from a hacking board. Unfortunately I didn't think about updating the forum. The content management system was on the latest revision and I also did a full backup (2 days before the "hack").

Probably getting the site back up as it was (with the forum updated or removed) would not be too hard, but I really want the site fit my (and your) needs.

Sooooo, let me hijack this thread (things like this rather go into the General Abuse thread), hehe.
What would you like to see on Quaddicted (or whereever)? What is missing in the Quake-Internet?

I plan to extend the file archive with better user interaction and hashes for the files (so you can check if it is _the_ file you want/have). The links will be a important part of the site (maybe you read my booth at QExpo). And the newssite will be very plain and only providing links (a bit like maybe). Completing the deathmatch map archive will be more important for me in the future as I totally dislike all the .bsp files without their readmes there...

I would _love_ to expand the wad archive with better usability (eg preview images for the wads) but those are quite low on my list. Maybe someone else will help? ;) 
Ok, Ok 
just needed an map to play through over lunchtime - the grapes of wrath :) 
I Hope It Becomes Like Fileplanet 
the newssite will be very plain and only providing links
aw, i always liked the news section as it was - screenshot, brief description and a download link - 'links only' sounds like it would look less attractive at first glance...

i really hope someone familiar with php will get in touch with you. what about the ones responsible for the qexpo site (sajt?). maybe add some more ads, so you can make the job seem more appealing.. :P 
What Would You Like To See On Quaddicted 
Free shells for people in the q-munity ;) 
Sorry, it was me. 
The formerly useful site got totally owned a few months ago, because the admins decided not to update the forum code... when there was a new release available... Moral of the story: don't fuck with your forum. 
Oh And 
You have my sympathies ;( 
I Go To Quaddicted For The Maps 
So having a searchable map archive is far and away the most important part for me. A wad archive and a simple news page makes sense too. Anything else is unecessary, and as this proves a risk... 
qwnu got hacked for the third time? They were hacked twice when they still used phpbb. I checked that they now use punbb. 
as q1 lacks a review site, perhaps add some sort of "user review" functionality for all the maps you have hosted there, it would be a good start and you can then get the community to do all the hard work for you :) 
No Q1 Review Sites? 
I bet Underworld fan is feeling a little unapreciated after reading that. 
Quaddicted already had exactly that feature in the archives. 
Got a link HeadThump? I've been out of the loop for quite some time, apologies to Underworld fan 
It's Here 
Daz, No Harm Done, 
I meant that in a John Stewert, scorned puppy tone, but there are no emotives on the board for it. Maybe the piggy. 
Quaddicted seems to be in an even worse condition now; I either get a Turkish garbage page (with evil scripts) or a 404.

What's going on? 
This Means It Has Been Hacked Again 
so we can safely and justifiably redirect all our accumulated hatred and prejudices against turkey again. w00t :( 
That's a shame. Maybe if you make a post saying how much you appreciate the talents of this Turkish coding genius he will leave you alone.

By the way, when you get it back up, I have a new map out (see my booth 
Look on Day 5 (not 6! leave that until tomorrow! I put it up because I won't be around tomorrow) 
It got hacked a 2nd time. Spirit, quit pissing off people in Turkey.

What did they ever do to you? 
i think Spirit should make a complain maby if many people complain they ban ips from turkey... for exemple Brasilian ips are ban everywere... stupid fucking assholes :\ 
are a lot of turkish people living in germany. 
Shame ~ 
Guess the people of my country will never do any good on the net. Spirit, whether it'll be appropriate or not, I want to apologize for this guy's behaviour.

Yep - I'm Turkish. 
To Bad! 
guess it's not a matter of nationality there are stupid people all over the world! 
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