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Quaddicted Defaced
Quaddicted has been attacked and although I hope and pray that it will soon be repaired, I think that in this instance we should make finding the culprit a primary priority.

Maybe you have noticed someone close to you acting strangely - a guilty expression and change in habits, possibly preferring Doom3 to Quake I. This could be someone you have known and trusted for years. If you suspect someone then first phone your local police authority and report them missing. Then go to your local hardware supply and get yourself a shovel, some quicklime and rubbish bags. Go to thier house in the early hours. The next step should be obvious.

Spirit; don't be disheartened by the little shits who do this sort of crap, your site is invaluable to the community.

Everyone else - there's an ad at quaddicted for a php coder to help (no idea) so if you know what that even means then you should at least have a look.
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erc, no need to apologize -> what bazzu said.

i wonder how they could get in again though, since there was no (obvious) possible interface to exploit. then again, my hacking skills wouldn't be proficient enough to tell either way. :P 
Just An Odd Question 
you do use sftp and ssh for connections, not ftp and telnet? Cause some service providers still use the latter. 
Bambuz Brings Up An Excellent Point 
I have had to explicitly ask providers to turn on ssh and sftp -- they encouraged users to use telnet and ftp! I am completely amazed that fools like that can still stay in business. But, then again, cisco is still doing fine, so I guess security < profit?

He He 
everyone has a favorite IT company to despise. For me, it's Oracle and that punk Larry Ellison. 
My Guess 
is that they technically still were on the server. there's not much you can do to hack a static html file´┐Ż 
Sorry To Hear That 
no kebab for me the next days :[ Though the turkish girls at my local shop are very nice and beatyful..damn them hackers. 
Did you urinate on their rug? Did you personally urinate on their rug? No? Then what the hell are they doing?

The bums lost! 
So ... 
when is Quaddicted going to lose some of its present infected base-look? ;) 
Probably In 3-4 Weeks 
if spirit doesn't drown, that is. 
The problem with Quaddicted being down is that some of the content for QExpo isn't downloadable :( 
sorry you got hacked Spirit.
hoep you can find a way to come back soon, your file database of q1sp maps was outstanding and much needed.

i just had the idea for hosting you could try planetquake or even Tigger-oN over at lvl, who seems very helpful and clued up. 
stay independent, downloading at your place is hassle-free and you're not dependant on some other service going unavailable all of a sudden. 
I Am Back Already 
Now that was a bad surprise...

Trinca talked to the "second hacker" via msn (he left his address, weird) and I did so too. According to that guy the first defacement was insulting his analpenetration-group and thus he "had to" deface it again. Well, at least if I understood him correctly. Also it wasn't really an attack against my site but they hacked the whole server and used it for DDOSing and other stupid stuff. I don't understand why they deleted the whole /filebase folder though, DAMN! I will compile all the info and logs I have later today to send it to my host later today.

I have no problems with the hosting itself but I will move to dreamhost anyways. I heard only good things about them and they are damn cheap and give me 10x the traffic.

That sftp/ssh issue is interesting. My webhost does not support it and if I understood the hacker correctly he used some "session hijacking"...

I temporary removed the access to /wads and /filebase for everyone since I have no idea what passwords might have been revealed.

Daz: That user review idea is exactly what I am heading for :) 
Not supporting encryption in 2006? Ouchies! Let me know if I can help, I also am on dreamhost (this is recent). 
The site has successfully moved to a new host (dreamhost). I am moving everything at the moment. The site will "reappear" in its read-only mode, just like after the first defacement.

Those will be back soon:
QurneL Has A Website?? 
filebase, dm (almost) and wads are back. is about to be back (uploaded as wrong user first... d'oh). will take some time as I have to find the files first =) 
do you want to review/describe and rate the wads too? or is a plain directory listing enough?
like it is just now: 
You Don't Seem To Have Fortress.wad 
do you want it?
It has one cool lava tex and then some red/blue themed textures. Vintage 1997 or so. I don't know if the stuff is in other wads already though. I just extracted them from the team fortress dir paks. 
could you zip and mail it to me? 
Hey Spirit, I'm comparing the Quakaddicted site with my archive and found the missing. Some speedmap with moz tron speed and vodoochopsticks. I can't upload so you can find it here: 
Foxy Madfox 
Cheers! That map is on the speedmapping list:
Sorry that the site is so confusing. Many of the speedmaps are so good they should be on the normal list. 
only checking. 
Before anyone panics, is currently not available due to a planned upgrade at my hoster's. They said they'd be moving to new hardware and update the OS and it should have been done for 5 hours already. 
i was expecting one of those random bumps. thanks for the update though. :) 
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