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Quake Done 100% Quick Lite 2
The Quake done Quick site has been updated with a new release today to celebrate Quake's 10th anniversary. Quake done 100% Quick lite 2 is an easy 100% run through Quake, finishing in 33:33. Included in the PAK downloads you will find a standard first-person run as well as a recammed movie version. There's even an AVI version available for those that don't have Quake installed (which is equal a death penalty in many countries). This release must be one of the finest QdQ releases in many years!

Note: The AVI doesn't include the recammed demos, and it's slighty different from the first person run, so downloading the FULL release is recommended.
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Just Watched This 
It was entertaining. The recam editing added alot, too. And the intro/outro were nice. 
Scrags And Walls 
Scrags tend to fly through some walls, yes. sm24_aard does it all the time, for example. It doesn't seem to happen too often on id maps.

Not entirely sure why. 
"It Doesn't Seem To Happen Too Often On Id Maps" 
...except for e3m5 where it happens all the time :-) 
Quake Error 
W_GetLumpinfo: inv_laser not found

fitzquake080 -heapsize 48000 -m_mwhook -m_smooth -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -hipnotic -game qlite2 %1 %2 %3 
What What What? 
the -hipnotic switch looks out of place for my taste. 
This Is 
Really really nice. Congrats to SDA! 
this is great! 
Late Comment 
I would just like to say, that although the run's themselves were of course jaw dropping, the Intro and Credits were the coolest things I seen done with Quake in years. Stunning. 
Usually I don't go for recammed demos, but I watched them this time round, and was very impressed. Anyone who's not watched them should certainly try them out next time they watch this. There are some great shots of the outside of e1m5, and a wonderfully cinematic cut on e2m2, where you see an patrolling ogre, blissfully unaware of the quad grenade next to it. Then just a split second before the grenade goes off, the camera cuts away artistically. Brilliant. 
That Quad Grenade Thing... 
I loved that too! Yeah, the camerawork was awesome. 
Time for a confession, I *HAD* to cut away from the ogre at that exact time because there were no more updates for him after that :) But it came out pretty good anyway, apparently :)

Thanks for the comments guys, really encouraging.

The intro looked like it would be a mammoth task to finish but once we got that excellent map custom made for us (thanks Ankh) everything seemed easier. 
The whole thing, really :)

I loved the recams and the subtle little touches, like the message and slowdown when the pent runs out milliseconds after a grenade/rocket jump.

Oh, and excellent camera work throughout!

Great job! 
I has to be said, it's very nice to see people enjoying this release, it was a lot of work. I only did a couple of recams and some programming -- I guess most praise should go to Mandel for the death march at the end and to Stubgaard for getting the thing to actually happen, but we should also thank Warkosign for his cool and very speedily produced recams -- about 6 weeks ago, we only had recams for about half the runs...

Who's waiting for qdqwavp2 then? :-) 
everybody? :D 
Excellent (as usual from QdQ). I've watched it twice already.

The intermission kills were wacky, but that has already been discussed enough.

My favorite recam moment was in Gloom Keep, with the camera looking at the second-level walkway: a severed fiend-head bounces up from below, followed a second later by the rocket-jumping Player. Kewl.

One kind of odd moment that I'm almost embarrassed to admit: When the secret level The Underearth started, I didn't recognize it. It did kinda look familiar, but it didn't immediately strike me as an id map. I guess I've only played it once (at most) in SP, and a small handful of times in MP, all many years ago. It was weird getting a moment of what-the-hell-map-is-that in the middle of a Quake speedrun. Cognitive dissonance... o_O I guess this means I don't watch as many 100% speedruns as I should. :)

ANYway. Fine job! Congrats on getting it done. 
there were secrets I'd never even seen before - even in ep1 ;)

Been playing too many custom maps :)

Actually, in 10 years I never completed Quake because I couldn't be arsed after I died once in ep4. How awful is that, eh? I saw all the levels afterwards, but didn't bother to play them. Maybe I will go back and do it sometime - shouldn't take more than 30 minutes ;) 
lol than how can this be possible??? roulffffffffffffffffffffff i now id maps better then my own ass!!! :) 
Well I know them all pretty well up to e4m2, then it gets hazy after that.

I think I know many custom maps better than some of the id maps. czg07 for example. 
Do You Know About The Dopefish In Czg07b? 
Uhm, Er.... 

OK! OK! I don't know ANY maps that well... my own excluded - I probably couldn't find all the secrets in apsp1 anymore either. 
:) hehehe 
If I Remember That Map 
correctly, you have to solve all of the other secrets to get to it -- ah, good times! 
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