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Quake Done 100% Quick Lite 2
The Quake done Quick site has been updated with a new release today to celebrate Quake's 10th anniversary. Quake done 100% Quick lite 2 is an easy 100% run through Quake, finishing in 33:33. Included in the PAK downloads you will find a standard first-person run as well as a recammed movie version. There's even an AVI version available for those that don't have Quake installed (which is equal a death penalty in many countries). This release must be one of the finest QdQ releases in many years!

Note: The AVI doesn't include the recammed demos, and it's slighty different from the first person run, so downloading the FULL release is recommended.
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Man You Guys Are Good At Quake 
makes me bitter that I've played it this long and I'm still no good. 
nice movie :) 600 mb of fun :) 
Advertisment :) 
Great stuff! I highly recommend this to anyone interested in quake.
100% means that most parts of the levels had to be covered by the runners. But they never take the intended route and perform incredible tricks and kills. Everything with unbelievable speeds. Additionally all runs were recammed in third person view so you can better see all the tricks. Another highlight are the fancy intro and credits demos - if you aren't really interested in speedrunning those demos are reason enough for downloading the pack.
A must download! 
cool video with nice intro and outro, very impressive runs (i wasn't too fond of the intermission shooting though). avi was a tad too bright maybe. 
Intermission Kills 
I consider intermission kills one of the best tricks in this project. It's like magic :) I know how it works but why does it work?
Could anyone explain why intermission killing is possible in quake? 
Nice work, some crazy skills there, how do you fire during intermissions?
And what's up with that albino shambler going around? 
Just Beautiful Running 
I love the recams, they really add to the watchability. Those poor quake monsters!

Albino shambler is both a bit unexpected and missing a head gib skin, but that's a minor flaw in a highly enjoyable release. 
How Intermission Shooting Works 
When you fire the nailgun/supernailgun, the function only calls the appropriate animation macro. Now, player animations work in much the same way as monster animations, you run a function that sets a frame, set the think variable to the next animation macro, and sets the nextthink to 0.1 seconds later. Instead of having an AI routine afterwards, there's other important code.

In the case of the nailgun frames, it checks whether you're still holding down the button, and if so fires another nail. Otherwise it cancels the animation and goes back to idle. This means you get a nice smooth animation for the weapon and stuff. The important thing is that thinks are't cleared when you go to the intermission. Although you no longer have an model to animate, the animation macro is still called, so it does the same check as before - if you're holding down the button it fires another nail. The other weapons don't work in the same way since they don't fire in the animation frames - lightning excepted. Lightning has the same code, as it's a continuous fire thing, but it's much harder to use that from the intermission. 
How Intermission Shooting Works In Practice 
I hoped someone of the experienced speedrunners would answer this. Ok.. I will try to explain.
You have to fire a nailgun or the lightning gun when entering the exit teleporter and keep firing during intermission. You can still aim when firing but it isn't easy. The movement is slow and laggy but you can kill several monster that way. Aiming with the LG is much harder (or even impossible - I don't know). You can't choose to which intermission screen the game will switch after exit so you sometimes have a perfect run but the wrong intermission screen :(
There will be lot's of intermission killing in the ongoing SDA contest on the end_pre map. Check it out :) 
Intermission Kill(s) On End.bsp 
Usually you can only intermission-fire your weapon for a couple of seconds, then Quake will automatically load a new map, but on End it's quite different. You can keep on firing during the text that displays after you've entered the exit. This makes for some very long, cool and interresting intermission kills :-)
(current record, contains a different intermission kill from the demo below)
(previous record, contains the long intermission kill mentioned above)

In fact, End is quite different from a lot of other maps from a speedrunner's perspective, namely because of the 'lightninggun-through-wall' bug. Don't ask me to explain exactly how it works, 'cause I don't know, and neither does the 'clever' heads at SDA ;-) I'd appreciate it if someone could figure out exactly what happens (AguirRe?). 
I Can't Explain 
exactly what happens, but I've noticed similar behaviour before. I've seen in noclip mode that RL splash damage is somehow "distributed" as a shockwave even through solids and you can wake up or kill monsters with it. I've also seen the effect that when firing the GL from inside a solid in noclip mode, the grenade is actually thrown into the nearby room and will detonate there.

While doing some minor tests now with various maps, it appears as if this also works with the LG, SG and DBS. In the end map, what you're doing is killing the monsters in the teleport repository room that's located just outside the map. This is easily done in noclip mode from inside the wall near the repository, you can use e.g. SG or LG. You hear when you hit the poor bastards ...

The interesting thing is that you can apparently also do this from inside another room, but this seems limited to the LG/RL and possibly only at some angles (not sure about this). You can hit the monsters with the RL by shooting the wall, moreso using the quad. LG seems more weird; it appears to be easier to "cut through" the wall when aiming almost along the wall instead of straight into it(?).

I've tried a few engines and they seem identical in behaviour. Maybe this is related to the old "scrag/fish through walls" syndrome, small objects can sometimes penetrate solid walls. Possibly not intended, but certainly opens for more complex gameplay or tricks. 
Underneath Elevators 
you can shoot grenades through walls. I will be happy to show you if you grab me on IRC. 
Grenades+funcs And Also Scrags Movement 
don't the funcs squish grenades and knock them out of the level - the grenade then appears somewhere else in the level - it's a bit weird.

Anyone else noticed that scrags sometimes seem to teleport through walls? I had this problem when testing my map in fast vised state a lot, and if I went to the other side of the map and waited a few seconds, one or two scrags would usually turn up somehow. 
Just Watched This 
It was entertaining. The recam editing added alot, too. And the intro/outro were nice. 
Scrags And Walls 
Scrags tend to fly through some walls, yes. sm24_aard does it all the time, for example. It doesn't seem to happen too often on id maps.

Not entirely sure why. 
"It Doesn't Seem To Happen Too Often On Id Maps" 
...except for e3m5 where it happens all the time :-) 
Quake Error 
W_GetLumpinfo: inv_laser not found

fitzquake080 -heapsize 48000 -m_mwhook -m_smooth -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -hipnotic -game qlite2 %1 %2 %3 
What What What? 
the -hipnotic switch looks out of place for my taste. 
This Is 
Really really nice. Congrats to SDA! 
this is great! 
Late Comment 
I would just like to say, that although the run's themselves were of course jaw dropping, the Intro and Credits were the coolest things I seen done with Quake in years. Stunning. 
Usually I don't go for recammed demos, but I watched them this time round, and was very impressed. Anyone who's not watched them should certainly try them out next time they watch this. There are some great shots of the outside of e1m5, and a wonderfully cinematic cut on e2m2, where you see an patrolling ogre, blissfully unaware of the quad grenade next to it. Then just a split second before the grenade goes off, the camera cuts away artistically. Brilliant. 
That Quad Grenade Thing... 
I loved that too! Yeah, the camerawork was awesome. 
Time for a confession, I *HAD* to cut away from the ogre at that exact time because there were no more updates for him after that :) But it came out pretty good anyway, apparently :)

Thanks for the comments guys, really encouraging.

The intro looked like it would be a mammoth task to finish but once we got that excellent map custom made for us (thanks Ankh) everything seemed easier. 
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