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9.11 Survivor

So... empathy portal, or sim-snuff?

And on a broader subject, do you think that games are capable of teaching us anything about life and our world, or are they just another layer of distortion, shielding us from reality?
thread in "philosphy discussion masquerading as mapping/gaming dicussion" controversy!

sorry, couldnt resist it.

and, a philosophical starting point would be, what is "reality"? 
I Just Clicked On The First Link. 
Anything that trivializes real human suffering is wrong. 
That's way too general to be true. 
it's not so much the content of the game that pisses me off, it's the idea that it looks like total shit, but due to it's 9/11 "gimmick", it's going to get tons of attention. 
i know everyone will hate me for this, but it looks funny as hell. 
All Generalisations Are Dangerous 
including this one. 
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