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Setting Up Warcraft For Quake1
I felt like going back and doing a bit of Quake editing for the first time in years. Although I've forgotten how to set it up..

I downloaded Warcraft 3.3 (which I assume supports Quake1 mapping). I managed to get the Quake.fgd file... Now I need to know how to extract or where to download the .WAD texture files.

Also, if you could direct me to the BSP and VIS.exe's etc that I will need that would be a help too.

I have tried google, but all I'm getting are dead links for the few sites that appear to actually have the info I want, so I though I would ask in a forum.
I Recommend... 
getting Starcraft instead. 
But Seriously, 
Also check out this thread for discussion of worldcraft and hammer: 
ok I'm vaguely aware of the deal with worldcraft and Quake, but I'm not reading anything about how to extract textures or where to download them... only that the texture wad file you have in the first place must be converted to half-life because valve are gay.

Also qonverge seems to only have qubsp... I remember it used to be QBSP, VIS and Light or something. 
What next, "World Of Quake"? 
Worldcraft (and Hammer) seem to be still very popular. Those questions pop up twice a week now :)
Go and read the thread mentioned above.
The best compile tools together with good documentation makes Bengt Jardrup :) 
It's like we were meant to be together 
hey damsel, I've finally gone and made a good level. It's for doom though.

I did it to make you proud :( 
I'm proud of you, my son...... 

I've extracted all the Q1 textures to a wad file, and used wadconv.exe to try to convert it... it created the file tex.hlwad". However that file is 1kb in size... so I am guessing something went wrong with the conversion process? 
I'm MYSTified 
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