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New Q1SP From [Kona]
Well I think Qexpo is next month and Daz just released a Q1DM, so why not continue the 'buildup' with a Q1SP. Two smallish levels but with plenty of detail with MXOxide and Than textures. Also some Grunts and Enforcers as used in Nihilore.


[edit: fixed download link]
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kona, you rock, how you can manage to release so many good maps constantly surprises me :)

ill give this one a play in a sec 
Reminder: First-run Demo 
B0rked File? 
Has anyone else tried opening the zip file? I've tried downloading it twice and both times the file is b0rked. 
A New Map At Last 
Nice to see you're still releasing maps... i say this because there's been some months without new Kona's Q1SP maps... i get used to see new releases quite frequently hehe.... i'll download this inmediately 
RPG: Yes, The ZIP 
seems to be corrupt. [Kona], can you please verify this ? 
B0rked File! 
Yeah RPG, seems like the .zip is broken. I can't open it either. :(
Screenies look promising so fix this Kona, I wanna play that map. 
BOrked File 2 
Yes I get the same thing, when I try to open it, it says, "76132 bytes missing in zip file"
Also the title bar of the download window says "downloading", but in the progress bar it calls it "" whether that has anything to do with anything I don't know. Anyway good to see another [Kona] Qsp map, even if I can't see it :) 
Here A New Address: 
Can someone change the address in the news to
Fileplanet is totally fucked and won't even let me upload a new file. 
404 ERROR File Not Found 
Is what I get from the new addy :( 
I Think You Got The Link Wrong

is all you need

Just remove the bit bellow from the addy and it works fine

I have it now anyway :)
Thank You 
Fuck You [kona] 
damnit, I was going to download this map and thrash you about it being horrible and just a retextured version of your past maps, but fuck, this was accually a good map. :(

you might still be making you're standard 2 floor deal, but I have to say that the architecture in the map is worlds beyond your past stuff, and the gameplay is top notch.

so good work I guess, but next time, make it shititer so I can insult you more, k? 
High quality map from Kona as always.

I took a demo of my less than impressive run through the maps, but something went wrong. My playing of the start map runs fine (and an impressive playing it is). Once the next map loads you can see that map for a second and then it goes to a grey screen with the loading sign on it. All of the messages that should be printed during the demo are within a second. The game doesn't crash, but it doesn't do anything else after that either unless I load another map.

I don't know how to rescue my demo. 

to small, sub 50 monster maps, including a start map.

the first thing that jumped out at me was the fucking amazing architecture! everything is predominantly 45 degree angles, but everything just seems to flow into everything else. i had a few problems moving though, because of the sometimes complex floor sections, but overall it was topnotch.

good gameplay as well, everything is straight forward, without any getting lost. weapons were about adequate on normal, but i think the grenade launcher wasn't necessary.

there were a few good scares, but the one in the first map, accompanied by the centerprint "..." was the greatest, i think.

the second map was logically more difficult. the variety of monsters helps a lot here, and it never got boring even though all of the monsters except a half dozen or so were base monsters. the skins for the monsters work good to help distinguish themselves.

a couple of cool ambient noises, but could have been used more extensively. i found the armor skin to be rather pointless, as it's just a regular armor.

i found the silverkey room in the second map to be a bit tricky though. it was also annoying to see monsters just pop into existance without even a teleflash... was really wierd, although i did get a jump or two from that.

overall, an amazing map, albeit a bit short. great work, [Kona]!
watch me play on normal! whee! 
T3h M4pp0r! 
Love this, just watched dranz play through it on normal and the architecture looks frikkin sweet. Lighting is great too. I especially liked the way the map blends seamlessly from outdoor to indoor and in some areas its mixed between the two as well, nice!

Keep em' coming Kona 
NIce Map 
Just played through it avoiding the Shambler in the end cause I only got some shotgun shells left... Too bad I love shooting at corpses ;).

Overall I found it very fun to play altho, as necro already stated, a bit short. You did a good job with this map Kona, nice architecture, nice atmosphere, nice gameplay, what do I want more... 
I Can't Believe It :( 
I forgot to record a first-time demo. :(

Good maps, though. It would have been cool if it was a bit longer, but that may have detracted from it and made it seem repetitive. Architecture and textures were pretty cool throughout. Having atrium-based combat was rather fun, but like necros said, some of the floor sections impared movement a bit too much. The reskinned armor was a bit too much, but I enjoyed the other skins. The prediction aiming of the monsters was very cool and added to the difficulty in a good way. I was especially impressed with the grenadier.

And YAY! No snakeman! :)

Also, LOL at scampie. 
Once the next map loads you can see that map for a second and then it goes to a grey screen with the loading sign on it.

Yeah, I got exactly the same thing - must be because we recorded across level transitions :/
Shame, I had quite an amusing first-run through as well - watching my repeated attempts at the second secret would probably be good for a laff.

Apart from that, the only negatives I experienced are as previously stated - the uneven floors and the disorienting brevity; I found myself back in the start map and thought I must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

Great use of texture/feature mix - the way the metal supports embed themselves in the rock faces is very well done.
The atrium combat, as someone said, is very interesting; sort of like a slow deathmatch against well armed but clueless players. More room for the nonhuman creatures next time though.

+++end of line+++ 
Nice Map 
yeah, i was a bit afraid to meed usual kona's 2 storey/lots of doors style, but fortunately this map is a bit different. everything is rather nice there. keep on, kona! 
The layout is not the usual on Kona's SP maps, anyways i like both layout types.
The gameplay style is quite familiar, wich is good.
The architecture, textures, illumination and some ambient sounds are very good combinated to create the enviroment-theme that is supposed to be.
Quite refinated job. 
Well Then The Demo Is Lost 
Spolier alert.

The gist of it was: I played through most of the map being reasonably cautious; got the first secret; once the message about the slipgate opening message displayed I was in good shape, so I got cocky and went tear-assing around the room shooting everything that moved with the sng; was still in good shape so I bunny hopped my way to the transporter, had too much momentum to backpeddal away from the shambler and got my face mauled. After that there was a long string of profanity. 
hehe pushplay, the shambler was my last attempt to kill you, and it worked.

it may seem a bit dm'ish because it is actually a team arena map, or was. the first map is one huge arena, and the second map is sort of split in 3 arena's connected by corridors. now that i mentioned it you'll probably notice. anyway, it was to be for electro's mod.
thanks for the comments guys! 
It's Good, Isn't It? 
And (in Tochris, anyway) Speedy's "Elbrus" skybox is an excellent match. (At least, I think it's Speedy's.)

Short and sweet, and a right proper arse-kicker. Me likey. Me maybe even update site and say so.

Me go back map now. 
Me likey. Me maybe even update site and say so.
Me go back map now.

Good grief, I hope that's not how you talked in the interview 0.o 
No, But Five More Minutes And I Would Have! 
I've only got one pair of brain cells...

...and I think one of them is an impostor!

In other nudes, I have regained the mammalian stage of evolution and should reach primate by sometime this afternoon.

Also, four more days to broadband. 
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