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SMQE06B: Dimension Of The Goons
Five SP maps either recreating the most catchy places of the Quake's first episode (generic, lurker) or combining all its texture styles in a map (bambuz, neg!ke, Zwiffle).


I Giggled 
but either some of the maps are mighty hard or i just suck at quake today.

And enforcers and vores and death knights in a episode 1 tribute? Wtf? 
High quality maps (except mine ofc), did you really make these in a few hours? Especially generic's and negke's maps are quite big and detailed. Zwiffle's map is nice, (I liked the style and theme and metaphorism of the "joining touches") but it's far too hard. There is just no way there is ammo. You should have done those cell boxes with the "large" flag.

Lurker's map is the best. :) Ranks up there with other speedmap classic moments. Tron never finished then? :/ 
mwh: heh, you're right. i haven't really thought about that.

bambuz: yes. but as i said, i went over the top again. generic's map isn't so big after all.
-your map was a short fun blast with the wrong texture under the arches.
-lurker's is a nice idea, but there was odd teleporter placement - it almost felt like the map played itself..
-generic's is nice, too, though i would have liked to see at least a wizard part as well. cool secret.
-zwiffle's is my favorite. the base part looks great and the 'junctions' too (apart from some alignings). i considered the blue wiz texture to be more e4-like..

nice pack, thanks all for participating! 
Neg!ke's was my fav. It had everything right, esp. the ending. Generic's and bam's were good, but not as good as neg!ke's. Lurker's went way too fast, it was like a blur of areas and teleports with a Shambler in the middle.

As for my map, I spent way too much time on the base area, and didn't have too much time left for the other two (especially the wizard one, which I don't know why is textured that way.)Oh well. 
Nononono (spoilers) 
please do not read this if you haven't played the maps. thx.

In my mind, the idea behind lurkers map was a blazing fast run-through of just everything. Yes, it prettymuch played itself. That was the idea? There's prolly a room-sized trigger_teleporter in every room that is triggered by a timer.

It's like a movie compressed to a music video. You know. Or your life passing before your eyes before you die. :)

I liked the idea.

Damn those arches, I knew I forgot something. (I left out a lot in a hurry on purpose, for ex the e1m2 door is superugly, and there's no trims at all except at one place) How is one supposed to do proper wide and tall arches with that e1m5 "end-cap" anyway, there are no texes to match it at all, not even the pinkish color. :/ 
great maps guys :)

zwiffle was real great fuck!!! he maps real good ~:)

neg|ke map is bigggggggg omg did u put it in right pack? look like a turtle map to me...

lurker map was real fucking strange :) was diferent nice

bambuz was a fun, fast and hard one :)

generic map was the one more in the theme!!!

my favorit was Zwiffle map :) it was real good and imaginative... 
Neg!ke: Fun map. Kind of glitchy getting out of the pool. I thought a lightening bolt came out of a huge ass at the end... I guess it's a cloud heh. Actually, that would have been typical Neg!ke humour, but perhaps could have been misconstrued.

Zwiffle: Very well presented I thought. A fitting tribute. The gameplay|idea|presentation probably makes this the map of the pack for me.

Generic: Left me wanting more. I guess "go play full Quake" would be the answer. Missed the mark a bit, but a I enjoyed it. Kind of made me think what would it be like to play Quake in little 1 minutes mini maps.

Bambuz: The only map with real puzzles and secrets, so in a way, the most authentic (if it is possible to sum up Quake in a speedmap). Great map.

Lurker: Listed last, but I played it first, and I thought it was great. It's like... "This is impossible, f*ck it". The Quake map version of a 4 frame animated gif. :D 
Tough Call... 
I liked them all ;)

Lurker's was well-executed and fitting, albeit short, homage to Quake.

Bambuz's was a quality map with some non-original Quake gameplay thrown in for added interest -- being grilled by Shamblers over lava was a bitch, though :)

Neg!ke's was excellent as always ;) with the usual twist. It was nice to see someone work in Chthon into the pack. I'd say his was best if it weren't for Zwiffle...

Zwiffle's, despite its nigh impossible ending, was the best. I loved the texturing in the first area -- you now have to do an entire map in this style, BTW -- and the teleport/void transition areas. Nice one!

generic's, could have used that Wizard area he had planned to put in but didn't want to keep everyone waiting any more than he did ;)

Yes, Bambuz, done in a couple of hours minus suppertime and a couple of beer breaks :)

Quake rules! 
Fun Maps 
All of them were fine but I liked zwiffle's map the most because of the design and good fights (the last 3 shamblers were an overkill though). The teleporter transitions looked really great to me. Second place for neg!ke. Cool idea, good architecture, biggest map and lots of monsters to kill. Third place for Lurker for the teleportage map. The maps from bambuz and generic were fine also.
Thanks for the fun pack! 
Lurker's Map 
Was the most fun per second I've ever had with Quake. 
I like all the maps, but that's the easy way out.

I loved the look and feel of Zwiffle's map, but the ending was too much for me. Got the first wave of shamblers, no dice on the second.

I felt that neg!ke's contribution was the most complete map. Good length, good balance, decent challenge. Loved the cloud :)

bambuz's map was a fun romp, though I wish the bridges in the shambler room were planks instead of rounded logs. More challenging when you can fall off though :)

The map from generic makes me want more bite-sized Quake. I'm not sure it's the best map here, but I think I've played it more times than the others.

Thanks for the comments, positive and constructive, on my entry:
When I first considered the theme, I wanted to do a revisit of the first episode starting at Chthon and ending at e1m1, but knew quickly that I wouldn't finish in the time given. I brainstormed for a few minutes, and started laughing when I thought of immediately teleporting the player when their target was killed or objective completed.

The room-sized teleports are hooked up to monster death_use, not timers. For the non-combat parts, I wanted to give the player no option to refuse--they'll see the slipgate and receive the supernailgun, but there's not much they can do. In these parts, the map does play itself. The teleport_dest I'd change is the one in the e1m3 gold-key area. At first I threw the player in and out in ~.2 seconds, but I thought some people wouldn't even place what it was trying to recreate, so I moved the _dest further back. This one can stop the player slightly if he/she is not already holding forward.

I think people would lynch me if I made a whole map like that, so this one is mostly harmless? 
loved you super fast trip through Quake. No gameplay, but it was funny as hell. 
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