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SM126: Mini-Marcher
Two SP maps by generic and neg!ke.


the shoots look delicious, says bambooz. 
I Second That. 
This Only Goes To Show.... 
"I think that you are one of the primitive people. You can only hase people but your maps Sucks.They sucks just your foots."
You got the rockets. Aim. Fire. Boom!!! Little sucker gone.
Neg!ke rules.
Generic too.
Keep it up, guys. 
Nice One 
haha, wicked stuff :D I'll have to check this out 
Nice Maps 
neg!ke's brushwork is awesome once again but I could do some evil stuff to him for putting all the tarbabies in his map. :x

Generic wins because the start was soooo mini-marcher like. And he did not put those stupid monsters in. Except for the best speedrunner annoyance ever, haha :D 
I liked generic's slightly better. what spirit said.

good work both. 
The two screen shots look like they come from the same map. I'm at work, so I can't play them yet. Something to look forward to when I get home, cool \o/ 
yeah, very marcherish beginning in generic's map. and the curved bridge looked good, too. the outside of the building is lacking marcher's grandeur though. nasty clipping of the bars indeed. nice fish (that i couldn't resist to rip)

the fun in my map starts when causing large, messy infights between the spawns and vores. ;) 
that's exactly what I instinctively did :-) it's fun to a degree but I like oldschool gameplay better. Which doesn't mean that there's no infighting going on, for example from the second time I played generic's map onwards, I routinely let the fiend/hellknights/knights/ogres kill each other. But there's just no way for me as a medium skilled player to survive all the spawns and vores.

it's definitely good to have infighting in mind when you map, though. Your map doesn't suck, it's just that I'm a wimp :-) With the spawns and vores, it's immediately obvious what to do, I'll give you that. Even to me ;-) it's just a little rough. 
After running past all the spawn and vores, I used the zombies to distract the shambler (since they don't normally get killed by the shambler) whilst I went up the lift. From there, I spent most of Neg!kes map running around above the lift hole trying to get the spawn to bounce into the vores and shambler. The rest was pretty easy since I had plenty of ammo.

Generic's map was fucking evil though. I didn't die, but I was so close to being out of ammo when those shamblers turned up near the end. 
Yes, Neg!ke, your fortress was mightier than mine -- and a bit Shub-shaped too :) I had fun running for my life around it!

Ammo was sparse in mine, I know, but there is enough to get the job done if you are careful ;) Getting the first few knights to infight helps.

P.S. I don't get the bar-clipping comment :| 
Bar Clipping 
Bar clipping is the map equivalent of bar hopping. 
nice maps :) like then all

Generic was almost a copy paste :)

neg|ke map was evil!!! zomggg so many spawns :| arrrggggghhh died at least two times...

good work guys!!! 
what i meant by that is the player gets somewhat stuck/impeded by the lip of the pointy bars at the entrance of the building (has to jump over them). 
Just a little note that neg!ke's map has been added to the almighty SDA archives along with three other maps :-) 
now I see :)

Congratulations on making the SDA! 
Neg!ke's Map 
Last time when we talked on #qexpo, the topic was about a speedrunning hostile map. I guess this is it. It's not even good for coop. I don't know why SDA added it. :)

Spawns jumping to random directions... stupid buttons, can't bunny over them properly. High walls so using a spawn boost to get up is tough. Monster placements are annoying too.

If you had all this in your mind while mapping, you have done a great work that way. :) 
yeah, i do realize spawns are not very speedrun-friendly. so a 100% run is already out of question.

i could imagine a timerun like this: grab the ya, bunny into the castle (before the spawns start jumping) to get the gl, then gj up the lift, over the bars and into the open side of the exit teleporter.
dunno if it's possible though. if not, just skip the map. 
neg!ke: A few spawns aren't enough to stop a speedrunner from getting all kills as evident in the demos below :-)
(news update)!ke
(direct link to the sm126_neg!ke demos) 
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