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New Textures Released At Map-Center
Map-Center texture challenge 4 results are in. The theme is mediterranean, and it looks good.
Some of those look rather s4wk, but a few look cool and useful. 
would these look good in q1?? i went to the link but saw too many words and i blocked out. im just wondering tho 'cause it looked like it was for any game somehow. maybe im way off!! i dont know. i want some cool textures for q1 that dont look sucky...but then again, i got to start using GLquake. arrgh!!

me goes away *POP! 
They're At The Bottom 
Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see them. 
They remind me of the textures in NOLF2, the demo of which I played last night. Cool game, but dunno if I'd wanna map for it -- or even if it could... 
Most Of Them... 
look sort of bad. 
It's Not All Gold 
But I think there's enough quality floor and wall textures to make a couple good CS-style maps. 
This Is Some Good Stuff In There 
but most of it looks a bit cack. That's always the problem with these compilations of textures by different authors (see: Quake Retexturing project), there's probably one or two really talented artists there, but the rest is usually substandard. 
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