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I've always enjoyed the releases throughout the Quake community and obviously enjoy the game and some of the communities efforts, and so for awhile I've wanted to give back and help out. is my solution.

I set it up to host mappers who need a place. There are a few prerequisites at this time:

- This is for classic Quake -- Quake 1 and 2 work only. If the bulk of your work is Q1/Q2 but you have a couple Q3 maps, then sure. It just gets to a point where you're hosting a broad range of files and blah blah... just consider how much maps have grown in filesize since Q1.

- must have presentable work (don't just say "well I've got some maps on a CD-R and uh...) - link me

- should have quality work. If you're a new mapper who shows potential/promise, definitely considerable for hosting - but I'm moreso looking for a bit seasoned mappers

- will need to display an 88x31 .GIF button linking back to

- don't upload copyrighted material/porn/etc. I wouldn't mind if you have a few small non-Quake files, but remember why you're being hosted - QUAKE!

- *NOT REQUIRED* - to write tutorials. However I would prefer it, it's a nice gesture for what I'm offering.

The server is shared, 3000 MB & 125GB bandwidth, hardly any of this space is really used.

If anybody is interested, just fill out the contact form with links to your work and comments if you have any/want to say anything else. From there I'll decide. Thanks!
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As I Said Elsewhere 
Spirit will host mappers at

I will host mappers at

Why in the world did you pick Hehe 
As I Said Elsewhere 
Someone snatched up and I really didn't have any other decent name.

Faqtion is like a 'faction' but simple C replaced with Q(uake). 
read it as a group of people who frequently ask questions! 
I considered that too at first, but I figured if people know they are going to for Quake related content, they'll see the 'Q' correlation. 
Always nice to see new Quake related sites appearing! 
The internet is big enough for all Quake-related mapper hosts type places. Can't we all just get along? 
QuakeDev Or PlanetQuake 
Someone setting up an FTP site to maintain their work should go with a trusted resource like QuakeDev (hosted Quake Expos 2005/2006) that gives out 500 MB and has a track record of not only being around, but being able to technically manage their site.

Spending $5.99 per month for a web hosting account is something every Tom, Dick and Harry can do.

Maintaining a well-run site for the long haul (quakepit = gone, = domain expired, singed = gone, tltq = gone, = hacked, quaddicted = hacked, = gone, etc. etc. etc.) is not something that everyone is capable of doing well. 
I had no idea there were even other Quake sites hosting besides Planetquake and a few guys here. I'm rather surprised.

All I did was buy a domain and add it to my current host, so not a big expense for me. 
Yeah, QuakeDev lately has been a little unpublicized, but they host some high profile projects (Quake Texturing Project, Tremor engine, other things).

More people should know about that.

And, Phait, my post wasn't tailored to your news item but to the general hosting longevity thing.

If there were edit here, I'd probably reword my prior post a little to soften it up, I personally get frustrated when Quake resources vanish (PlanetQuake's site restructure 2 months ago that busted 100's of links, not being able to get single player maps due to various reasons, etc.)

I'd recommend someone go with QuakeDev even over personally hosting an account. I've seen far too many people mess up their own sites or forget to renew domain names, etc.

(There is a mini-rant on this that I started at Inside3D a couple of months ago).

/end of me being reminded how frustrating it is when stuff goes 404 
I understand your frustation and skepticism and it's all within good reason. isn't intended to be a large host either, just a handful - and it's at least my aid in helping the Quake community. 
How does getting hacked disqualify one from being "capable of doing well"?

Planetquake would be a very bad choice. Fimileplanet...

Phait: Nice offer (and sexy design), but it isn't really necessary. I think the few guys here plus QuakeDev cover up all Quakers needs today. :) 
I Don't Have Any Answers Only Questions 
PlanetQuake's site restructuring broke a massive number of links, we've seen countless sites go 404, the archive lost and then restored due your contacting

In addition, all my (and a few other's) links to single player downloads prior to Quaddicted getting hacked are now broken:

Examples (1,2,3):

And back in May or whenever when QuakeOne's download system was changed, links I previously made to the old download system needed to be adjusted.

Links in pages to other sites (or even their own) that go broken disturb me and it is one of the long standing problems in Quake.

I remember being greatly frustrated that SM82 wasn't available around this time last year due to expiring.

And since independent sites (mapper's personal sites) often go 404 after a couple of years, I have been wondering lately what the answer is.

Earlier in the year, I emailed Underworldfan a list of links that were broken and a link of replacement links and I think some of the ones that were linked to Quaddicted are now broken, at least this one is:

I don't have any answers, but I've been thinking about the questions lately. 
Links go dead on the internet all the time, it's not just something to do with the terrible quake 1 community. As it happens, the answer is to have a strong, enthusiastic community who continue to care about the game. As long as people with a passion for quake 1 play and map , there will always be a way to get these maps back(eg the mirror). Quaddicted is a temporary problem only, as it's going to come back once it's rewritten. Also, the maps are still on the website, and aren't hard to find, not really the end of the world. 
Baker Thanks 
i will go thru my reviews at some point soon and try to fix the quaddicted links. 
The links are just now and they will stay like that. The long links earlier were just there for statistics. I have written that above link everywhere once the other links didn't work anymore, so I don't consider it much of a problem.

Btw I just mirrored idgames2 (HTTP only. No FTP, sorry!) to tonight. 
sunet. Swedish university computer network.

reading for the win. 
The only english on that page is

This server is maintained by
This page was last updated 2006-08-16, 14:11.
I am unable to find a page about your maps on those pages btw... 
I Can Host People At 
but you have to change your name to Lunaran and be a smartass 
I'm halfway there! 
Yeah, I'm lazy and have to reupload some shite. And it's not a big worry, not like they're Kona/RPG maps ;) 
Who wants to be hosted at when you could be hosted by me at and have me steal all your glory (also credit, maps and first born children) 
Confucius, He Say.... 
I don't think diversity is a bad thing. Phait's site might last twenty years longer than anybody else's. People get bored, move on, die etc.

It's been proved time and time again that putting all your eggs into one basket is asking for trouble. Backups = good. :P 
getting hosted is hard, so is a privilege is some people help and give space. I also care about broken links and "all eggs, 1 basket". The obvius solution can be that people mirror others people files, so everybody ass "all " the files of everybody else. That holistic solution is very inneficient space wise, but is eficient to preserve our memories and works.

My personal solution whas to use a opensource repository, Berlios. But only free software people can do that. 
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