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New Q2 Map - The Edge Conversion By X7
Author X7 has released his conversion of the ever popular Q1DM1 map for Quake1 on the Quake2. Check out his, here ya go:

Home Page :


Download :
It's A Quake2 Port Of A Quake1 Port Of A Quake2 Map. 
*head explodes* 
What The Hell? 
How is this different from the standard Q2 original version of the map apart from using different textures? 
i absolutely love this. we need more Quake 1 maps in Q2. Great stuff!! 
This Is A Joke Right ? 
otherwise I'm having a Scanners moment like metl. 
I would like to announce I have just release DM6 for Quake1.!! I post the screenshots and download link later. 
I hope that's the q3 version of dm6 from quake, I've been waiting for someone to convert that to quake. 
q1dm6q3dm6q1dm6.bsp? :D 
Don't Mock 
It is a fair experiment! If I had quake 2, I'd try all the three versions right after each other. 
To Be Fair... 
since the q1 port had gameplay changes, this q2 port probably plays more like the q1 port than the original. See the third screenshot for example, which has a teleporter, a hyperblaster, and red armor. In the original there was only a railgun there and no teleporter. So... I... guess... 
a remake of a Q2 map? real strange! 
So IS this a joke, or, what? 
It's All Legit Lunny Boy 
Pope Post 
made my day
gg x7 
Fuck Yeah 
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