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Tutorial: Quicktime VR Screenshots At

I've always thought it would be neat to present your level in a slightly different medium than a screenshot, and had always kind of been enamored by Apple's Quicktime VR technology. A Quicktime VR presentation is essentially like an image, but one that you can pan around and zoom inside. It is essentially an illusion of looking around in a semi-3D space, and is accomplished by connecting together several different images. There are a couple ways to do achieve this. One is to present the images upon the inside of a cube surface - akin to looking around inside a square room. The other method is to present the images in a cylindrical fashion, and that is what this tutorial will focus on.

Fortunately, doing this won't require you to buy any software. I was rather surprised to find a free program that would help me accomplish my own VR files. For Quake VR files, it's recommended you download the following:

- Panoramic Quake (Quake port allows you to see 360� around)
- GoCubic Quicktime VR software
Sounds Interesting 
and a more informative way to show what you've made rather than changing the fov; will be taking a looksee when my current project finally terminates 
wow!! really fockin cool man
Very complete FAQ. Good work.

Underworldfan just needs to retro fit this to all the maps on his site. mhuhuhuuhu >:D 
This sounds really cool! But I have Quicktime Alternative or something and thus can't see it :(
It would be so much better if it would use Flash or something more wide-spread.

Using Panquake is such a great idea for screenshots! 
the flythrough AVI of aghast is even cooler than a QTVR... it would be nice to see more of those as well. 
It would be so much better if it would use Flash or something more wide-spread.

Is it a problem to d/l quicktime and crack it? 
quicktime sucks. On every level. It's slow, it's invasive, it's not free. I use VLC to watch mov files and it plays most but some reason that lun3dm4 one was fucked. 
Quicktime IS FREE 
Quicktime Pro (for saving .MOV files and converting, is not.

I've never had issues with QT. 
i have qt alternative and it works fine for me 
Actually, buried inside the original GlQuake source code, there's a function to grab 6 screenshots from the current player view and dump it as raw images (my guess this was some kind of early test on Quake2 skyboxes). I guess could be fairy easy to add a new console command to call this function and save these images as TGA or something more suitable to edit. 
There is already a crossplatform 3-D software that lets you look around Quake levels. It's called Quake. Someone just has to write a browser plugin for it. =)

I wonder if I can set Quake as the default .bsp viewer in Firefox, and if it would work :-) you could just pass the command option that takes out the monsters (name escapes me.) Or just make a presentation demo and let it play that.

Or just an .avi though those are much bigger than demo or map files which makes it impractical. Or an animated GIF. That can be inserted via html into any site.

I mean there's already a Quake dockapp, so why not a browser plugin. Some guru should be able to do it.

Isn't there a Java Quake? 
All the arguments are decent but still there's cons to those methods to.

For one, the [rather smartass ;)] argument of just using Quake -- the map download is most likely going to bigger than the VR file itself, and it requires you to extract it and place it in the maps DIR. Unless as you're suggesting there was some way to automate all this - but there is still the download.

Although I do realise many people are on blazing fast broadband, so maybe this is a non-issue. But what about those that aren't? Might they want to view 50 or 100k of screenshots (and/or a single VR) first before trying a 500k-1MB+ map or mod that could suck? 
Well, there is a Java port of Quake 2:

But it is just a techdemo without any use in my opinion. 
[The Java port of Quake 2] is just a techdemo without any use in my opinion.

Yes, but it's cross platform! 
So Is Herpes 
kind of 
very cool. :D 
How about packaging maps as a .dz file, Joequake for instance is already able to automatically extract dzip demos, should be a small tweak to automatically unpack dzipped map files. Not to mention it would save a TON of space if you could keep your map files as archives. I wonder why no one has thought of that before.

Then you'd just have to tell your browser to use Quake to open .dz files (as dzip is not widely used otherwise) 
Dzip Doesn't Shrink Maps Very Much 
as it's designed to compress demos (something it does very well). 
Then Why Not... 
use 7zip? If Joequake can call dzip to open files, it should be a small tweak for engine coders to support 7zipped maps. 
Darkplaces and some other engines support pk3/zip, you could try some hack with that.
But I don't think that would be such a great feature. Rather unnecessary. 
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Just Saw This:

Not sure how it compares to other programs... 
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