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Modelling And Mapping
Hi there :)

I have been playing around with the DarkPlaces engine, and I must say that I quite like it. I began working on a mini mod called SlaughterHouse, which all it really did was change the weapons and how they dealt damage (homing rockets, exploding nailgun bullets, sped up shotgun).

After completing that, I thought I'd start on something more adverturous: A Counter-Strike clone (or something similar). Now, I can add in new weapons, change the gameplay and thigns like that. But, I have no real clue when it comes to modelling for Quake/DP. I can model fairly well in 3ds Max 5/7/8 (and then export to 3ds to be imported into Blender, which supposedly I can use to make Q1 models), but I do not know how a model is supposed to be done for Quake/DP. Are there any resources that I should check out?

Also, this mod adds in a heap of new items and weapons. Rather than changing existing ones, I created some from scratch. I can map fairly well for Half-Life using WorldCraft, but I have never tried mapping for a Quake MOD. I can map okay for Vanilla Quake, using the Qoole editor, but I cannot work out how to get it to work with mods which add in new items/weapons. Can I do that in Qoole, or will I need to change editors? If so, what to?

Thanks heaps :)

I think we all appreciate your enthusiasm, but this would be better posted in the Mapping Help permanent thread. 
Ah :) 
Ah :) Can threads be moved, or should I repost it? 
repost please. 
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