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Hit Me With The Knowledge Yo.
Okay so what has been happening gaming / mapping wise in the last 6 months?? I've scanned through GA and stuff, spotted some things, but am getting keen on gaming again so want to know what's around.

So far:


Prey - this is good right?

HL2 EP1 - same?

Titan Quest - everyone seems to have been playing this?


Dark Messiah - pwn.

DOW: DC - kinda cool.

Penumbra - interesting.


(This is where I'll need to most advice).

DM3RMX - great fun.

There was some Doom3 map released that was some good, right??

What else is going on (yes, I saw Spirit's runes, classy stuff)??
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Do NOT, I repeat NOT, try that "Tail's Quake" thing. You would die of disgust as much as I know you. ;) 
starbuck released some cool hi res idbase textures. 
If you want new maps, then use your powers and bring Tronyn back to life. You'll have a chance to get 2 new large q1sp maps. 
PuLSaR is not joking when he says "large." 
Except When A Girl Asks Him How Big It Is!!! 

Ah, I crack myself up.

Seriously though, go find Tronyn. 
if you sweet-talk RPG enough, he might finish up this really pretty base map that may or may not have once been called "cardo the unstoppable love machine" before being renamed to "sm69" and then "rectal ambition" and then "Am-Besek". 
So why didn't anyone mention the development of Bioshock (looks/sounds cool) nor Gothic 3 then? Eh? What? 
both games have been in development for years, so shame on you if you haven't heard of them yet. gothic3 will be released in about three weeks (at least the german version) and i'll be so getting it no matter what... 
They have been discussed plenty in #tf, if you weren't such a snob maybe you would of heard about them there. :D 
He's a snob + noob... a snoob. 
You buggers. I might be back on IRC, I'm not sniffy about it, just got into other habits.


9 minutes.

One for Daz or Zwiff - any of you managed to beat the Dark Crusade Demo skirmish map by Take And Hold in under 9 minutes?? I've been trying and got to 9.03, by spawning at the top of the map, and researching jump packs first to get my Stealth Suits to the central point ASAP. Any other suggestions?? (And yeah I'm sure it can be done with Annihilation quicker...) 
shamb you are the only person i know that speedruns rts maps LOL

TBH my rts playing time at the moment is 100% going into Company of Heroes, damn this game just prawns everything before it. maybe even total annhilation (!!!).

Gives me a warm fuzzy about dawn of war 2 too =) GO TYRANIDS! 
Ummm yeash well, it's not really speed running, there are no tricks and stuff, but basically with most DOW skirmish, if you are quick enough in the first minute, you will piss most maps. And I was just playing around with that....cos once you can do that skirmish is kinda boring, you have two choices to make it fun - go as quick as possible, or turtle around a small base and wait for an impressive AI assault....but it's all quite artificial... 
I've just ordered Prey and HL2E1.

And waiting for Dark Messiah, HL2E2, Guild Wars Nightfall, DOW Dark Crusade and maybe Gothic 3.

That's it right?? Anything obvious I've missed?

Hmmm. Guess I'll trawl the news threads for some maps too... 
''this Is Fucked Up!'' 
wasting money on prey?! - "no, THIS is fucked up!" 
Prey rocks! By far the best doom3 powered fps! But it is a tad easy as you cannot die (lol)

Shambler I see you haven't got company of heroes on your list, I would recommend it its a fantastic game... I think the demo gives a good presentation of the full game, single player at least, MP I cant comment on yet as I have not played enough but it looks damn fun...

I am currently level 14 in GW (just reached lions arch) and will probably buy factions/nightfall if it holds my interest for the duration of level 14-20.

Other games I am still pining for are supreme commander (plz be cool!), ET:QW and Stalker (lol)...

I will always have hope for stalker! 
Oh yeah, I thought about doing that double order bonanza at Amazon with DNF ;).

How are you finding Guild Wars?? Sounds like your cruising a bit. I might have to fire it up again. I find the area around Lion's a bit bland, but once you get further on it gets well inspiring again. I think I'm going to leave Factions as it doesn't look as nice, but get Nightfall.

Hmmmm Company Of Heroes - can't say I am particularly inspired by WW2 stuff BUT it does look pretty damn cool in the shots. Will have to give the demo a look I guess! 
Well it has really nice things and some things that bug me, but overall its a nice little game that I can dip into pretty much whenever I like :)

For instance, in WoW I had to play for hours on end to achieve anything, and it ended up sucking away all my free time, in GW I can pop online and do a few story missions, collect some materials and make a new piece of armour all in 1 hour which is fantastic imo, getting something like that done in WoW would take an entire day :D

It feels odd not being able to use all my chracrers skills at the same time like you can in WoW, but this does add a nice little "minigame" of choosing how to setup your character, do you go all damage skills but no healing or sacrifice dmg to add a few spells or a healing signet? Its interresting to play around with different skill combos and see what works.

A few things that bug me though, invisible walls in most areas (hello 1996), no auction house, cant link items in chat which makes selling anything with stats a chore.

Overall though I am digging it! 
WoW Versus GW 
Lots of pros and cons to both, but at the end of the day GW has no monthly fee and is less of a time sink!

I actually haven't played the original version (just Factions, since it is a stand-alone game if you don't own the original). Hadn't played it but for one weekend (super busy at work), but this last week I had some time off and the wife and I picked it up again and played it quite a bit.

Incidentally, part of the reason we got into it again is that they had a preview weekend where you could play the first part of Nightfall for free. After playing that I'll definitely pick it up, it seems more PvE oriented than Factions (which is good for me, no interest in PvP in this type of game).

There were many different areas and themes (all nicely done) just on the first island, the new character classes were cool, and you can now have "hero" henchman (you can order them around more, choose their skills and equipment, etc).

If I had to recommend any one version I'd definitely say grab Nightfall when it comes out in a month - bear in mind that I haven't played the original Prophecies campaign though. 
So, when it's released, we'll have some func_terrafusion get togethers with Mr and Mrs Fribbles ;) 
Mrs Fribbles OWNS Mrs Trinca just like to play Super Pang lol 
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Spam Is Haram 
Spam Can Now Resurrect 
12-year-dead threads? Oboy! 
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