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Jester With Another New Q2 DM
The ever proficient Jester has made another fine looking q2 dm called Palindromatic Visions. Screenshots here :

Download here :
Looks Nic As Usual 
nothing fancy architecture wise, but the texturing and lighting look first rate. 
me of Unreal tournament for some reason, but with q2 weapons :) Perhaps its the dark / purple gothic architecture that UT had in some maps.

Looks nice though, and lighting is cool :) 
Bigger Screens Please! 
Looks nice otherwise :) I don't have Q2 installed at the moment otherwise I'd comment on gameplay and stuff :( 
very impressive man! I immensely like your brushwork and the overall layout of the map.

I notice a trend in the Q2 mapping scene to make their maps look entirely _unlike_ Q2 :-) you guys are taking liberties in texture choice almost like Q1 mappers now.

Minor gripe with the texturing: Some texes (like the metal trim and the white strip lights) seem upscaled so much that they appear pixelated. Also, that brown metal trim looks perhaps a bit out of place (you used it like a wall texture.)

Tip: Take the textures you want upscaled, load them into GIMP and do it there. Much better results than blowing them up in the editor.

In general, I find that the Q2 engine does "gothic" themes less well than its Q1 counterpart, which is why most Q2 mappers in the past have stuck to Strogg Base/industrial/futuristic themes , using plain textures and 90 degree angles and putting most of the effort into brushwork. Which is what most people expect Q2 maps to look like. Of course the hi-tech weapons (in DM) and cyborg theme (in SP) don't really encourage "gothic" maps, either.

You have successfully pulled off something different, so congrats. 
I should specify,I meant the brown metal trim in the area next to the hyperblaster. 
nice maps :) 
Very smooth, very clean, I like the shots. 
Very Nice 
Reminds me of the painkiller 1v1 level Absinthe. 
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