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Original Quake Map Sources Released
John Romero finally released the original map sources. Hooray!

Just thought this deserves a news & discussion thread.
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Heh, Thanks I Think 
well the new stuff should be coming out soonish. after that, if I do anything, I'll do one map at a freaking time, not ten. It's a lot harder in terms of efficiency, to finish ten. It's also more fun to start a new map than to finish an old one. Nsoe3 The Lost Land was actually started after many of the maps I have yet to release. 
Updated Quaddicted Link 
for those who searched and got teh broken links like me. 
I suddenly feel a little bit better about my mapping after looking at the "out of bounds" areas of the maps. 
You can gain a lot of insight from looking at the original map sources. I learned a lot of basic elements from inspecting levels like E1M3. 
that's the map im editing for the non-existent e1m3jam 
Go Map! 
I once looked at E3M7 thinking to maybe do a remake. In the room where the quad secret is, there's a raised platform with ogres on it. The way that platform is constructed is bizarre. There are some pieces made from 3 brushes that could have been done with one. It's very weird. Limitations of the editor they had to use, I guess. 
Whee Map Source But... 
I've had a relatively decent search around but have come up blank so far.

Does anyone know if the Quake II & Quake III Arena map sources were ever released?

I'm pretty sure q3radiant came with dm17 and maybe dm17 back in the day. 
Does anyone know if the Quake II & Quake III Arena map sources were ever released?

They weren't. The Q1 map sources were only released because Romero helped it. He doesn't have access to sources created afterwards.

Without Carmack and Romero, I don't see any newer code or data sources from id being released. 
i think from quake2 was released... maybe?

And definitely was released, explaining the 500 releases on ..::LvL that are just slight variations on q3dm17.

contains Quake2's and not much else

contains Quake3's,, and, and some other example stuff (terrain and a mapmodel 'museum'), and a bunch of mapmodels to use in Q3 maps 
Scampie Sighting! 
Thanks for linking these. I was big into Q3A mapping at one point and had no idea these existed. 
I'm glad to be partially wrong. Maybe those Q2 & Q3 map sources were released to help people to learn how to map for those games. 
Yeah the Q3 map sources were released along with the editor/compiling tools 
Id1 Wads Per Map 
I've uploaded the id1 wads per map for use with the original Quake map source files.

From the readme:

These are individual wads for each of the maps in the orginal Quake.

I created these for two reasons. First, as an easy way to load a particular
wad while reviewing the original map sources.

Secondly, for new mappers, as a way to limit the amount of textures one can use in a map. This helps prevent using textures of a different theme in a given map which can look unpolished and sloppy.

I've included an additional wad file called "clip_trigger" to augment the wads that are missing those textures.

Feel free to point new mappers to this resource! 
That's great for people wanting to recompile the original maps too, avoiding texture conflicts. 
Quite the useful breakdown. Might prove advantageous for future events... 
UPDATED: Id Wads Per Map V2 
C0burn noticed some missing textures in my wad pack linked in #66

He's gone ahead and re-packed them in a new archive id wads per map v2.

No readme though. :( 
Id Wads Complete 
If I may, a while back I made a complete set of wads from the compiled maps (mapping help #19529)

I opened each original map from Romero's source and then made a list of which maps used which wads. I then extracted the textures from each map as its own named wad. After that I merged all the wads into their correct wad according to the list I made.

Yeah, I remember when you released them, oGkspAz, and I was so happy! I was kind of wondering why nobody else commented on your work. Didn't they notice? Maybe that's why Dumptruck decided to make his own wads. :/ 
I Never Saw This... 
but I would have still done my pack "per map".

Mainly because:

for new mappers, as a way to limit the amount of textures one can use in a map. This helps prevent using textures of a different theme in a given map which can look unpolished and sloppy.

But this is super handy to have when opening the original maps sources! Great work oGkspAz! 
Recently I revisited the BETA3 pre-release version of Quake which was dated June 11th, 1996 - which is just one month (!) before the actual release of the full "registered" version of the game, as well as listening to some of Romero's Quake 'post-mortems'.

Among other things, BETA3 version still has the full E2M6, which is 1.512.984 bytes in size. The next biggest map in the PAKs is E4M7 with 1.498.800 bytes. But neither of them would fit on 1.44MB floppy drive, which Romero stated several times was their self-imposed size limit "to keep the game at reasonable size".

In the final version E4M7 has a size of 1.495.232, which is like 3KB less than it was in BETA3, and it still would not fit on the 3.5" floppy.

And why "keep game at reasonable size" approach? It's not like they were selling the full version on floppy drives anyway. Maybe BSPs bigger than ~1.44MB were causing other technical problems in the original DOS Quake? Then again, original uncut E2M6 isn't that much bigger. 
E2M6 Uncut 
Could you maybe provide that full E2M6 somewhere? I know someone merged Romero's cut parts he released separately with the original map and published it on Quaddicted or something, but the original uncut version would be even better ofc, even if it's essentially more or less the exact same thing in the end. 
The only original uncut version by Romero is available in the Beta 3 / Pre-Release version, I'm afraid.

For some reason, ModDB has it for download -

Unfortunately the sourceports don't run it, since they don't recognize the size/CRC of these PAK files, and BSP map file version is different. Although apparently reQuiem does run it. And there's always option to use DOSBox.

Another thing I wonder is who made the END.BSP in this version, because it looks very Sandy Petersen-ish. 
Alright then. Here are all maps from Q1 beta 3 converted to BSP29 so they can be launched in ports. Enjoy! 
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