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Original Quake Map Sources Released
John Romero finally released the original map sources. Hooray!

Just thought this deserves a news & discussion thread.
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Download Mirrors
The files weights about 2.3MB.

From the readme:
These are the original Quake map source files as of Quake v1.06. I've included the chopped-off beginning to E2M6 (The Dismal Oubliette) as well, named E2M10.MAP. The majority of these maps were created during the last 7 months of Quake's development cycle when we had decided on the final direction of the game. For a comprehensive listing of each map, its name, author and place in the final game please visit the Wikipedia (

Also included with the full map sources are the map sources created for the game's items (armor, ammo, etc.) which were needed to light the BSP files so the items could be viewed in the game.
let the ExMx remix maps begin! :D

Someone finish e2m10 eh? =) 
Silly Idea 
you know someone could possibly link together every map for each episode into 1 huge map :) Speedrunners would have a ball with that! 
e1m1+e2m1+e3m1+e4m1 idbase map for someone lazy that want to join basepack :p just add Quoth monster�s and is done!!! 
SDA would definitely approve of something "new" on the id maps :) 
...please leave out any Qouth content :) 
...that id nag him next time i saw him online =) 
New Episode 
We could also create a new episode for speedrunners consisting of for example: e1m1, e2m2, e3m3, e4m4 etc. I'm sure sda guys can suggest some interesting map sequence.

Uhm. After a while I'm thinking that this was also possible with modiffied progs.dat before romero released the sources. 
The map sources are GNU/GPL. All of you who downloaded the files already might not have a gpl.txt included. The inside3d and the Quaddicted mirrors are updated, Romero's probably too. So if you want the "real deal", redownload the file.

Oh and by the way the e1m7rmx is my job! I started some weeks ago. :) 
Cool. Nice to have these.

...please leave out any Quoth content :)

Oh, why? Trinca told me you ( I'm sure he said it was you and mwh ) were asking after the Quoth source to make it QW compatible? Is it the compatibility at issue? 
About the 'compatibility issue': as you may well know, we speedrunners have our own modified progs for speedrunning, including exact exit timing and some other similar stuff.

So whenever a map comes with its own progs and we still want to run it we have to ask for progs sources, merge our own changes (which are NOT in diff format, so to say...) and host it ourselves, making sure runners use our progs rather than the standard one. We've done this on a few occasions but it's always annoying =)

Now, several of you mappers are purists and strongly dislike new textures, colored lighting, and shiny openGL accelerated effects. I guess the same goes for us speedrunners. Most of us (I think) are really fond of the ID maps, and can gladly run most custom maps. BUT having to create game directories and make command line options is a little annoying. It's not annoying the firs/few times. But making a speedrun takes long time and requires several restarts of quake. There are runners who proclaim that they "don't play anything with custom progs".

Now, if there are a huge amount of runnable quality maps coming out on the Quoth pack, we will of course have to consider getting started on making a qdqstats version of it :)

Above rant not checked for grammar, spelling, and coherency. 
Oh and please note, QW has nothing to do with speedrunning. We use normal Quake and normal (although modified) progs.dat. 
Heh, Nice Idea 
something like death32c with all sp maps.
i wonder how well (or badly rather) this would run on mondern machines... 
Maybe Now... 
someone will make the other dm remixes too.

Probably not me though, although I was considering doing dm1 as it is small.

Regarding Quoth, as there is likely to be a substantial Quoth update in the next few months, would it help if QDQStats was merged into Quoth? How would Necros/Kell feel about this? Is QDQStats updated frequently? 
The word from #qc seems to be that Lord Havoc has been talking about putting it together. The thought of the compile time scares me. :o 
as long as there is a way to have whatever stuff they use default to off until it's needed, that's fine.

we like quoth to feel like stock quake, just with new stuff, not a whole new mod. i don't really know what the speedrunning progs is... i imagine it's probably some kind of timer that outputs elasped time when you hit the changelevel trigger... if it's just that, it wouldn't really be a big deal to incorporate it into the progs. 
Qdqstats Is 
...the timer, yes, but there's also a lot of bugfixes on maps and miscallaneous stuff (like the fish counting double). Also it has a few little things to help catch cheaters. That's why we don't like giving out source. :) 
looks to be the one putting it together right now actually... LordHavoc is on one of his random sabbaticals it seems.

Sajt is in his first stage right now, which involves going through and fixing all the little errors like z-fighting and texture naming stuff. If you know of spots in the id maps that are errors you could drop him a line in the mapping section of inside3d forums about it. 
someome please finish dm8 for me ;) 
Map Sources Are Fun :D 
E1m1 Upside Down 
e1m1 upside down is done once before :) With the addition of a rocket launcher and some other goodies, SDA threw a contest on an upside down e1m1 in 1999! If you check it out, don't miss the recam on rutger's demo, which turns the world back to normal again. 
what the hell is a seven z file? 

/me puts on some googles 
People will properly texture most of the id levels now 
most (all?) id bugs were fixed in the quoth progs (ie: fish counting for 2 kills).

obviously though, if you guys don't want anyone to see these cheat catching code fixes, then you won't want them in quoth, as we usually release the source code later on. 
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