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..::LvL Four
Just a quick update at ..::LvL today. The top pick is 'strafeyard' from fubolar, the rest are pretty poor releases.

* strafeyard by fubolar (DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* Unrealistic TurbiNation by Garlical Onion (DM 3-6 player)
* SGDTT3 by Deathhead The Tormentor (Space CTF 2-4 player)
* 17instamix by DIXOFT<ReMiX< (Space DM/Tourney/Instagib 2-4 player)

In other news, Kiah (my daughter) has turned 2 years old and ..::LvL now has a 'featured release' section, which will be very clear once you load up the site.

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