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Traps - Discuss
what's the best type of pure trap in the general opinion - i mean ones that don't necessarily include monster ambushes but 'real' mechanical traps. Some of the ones in the original game could be pretty lethal one hit kills, but they're the type that everyone hates. I used to make very complex systems of triggers and crushers and spikes and so on, but have found recently myself making crappy lava pits instead which ultimately detract from the gameplay.

What's the best trap you've seen in Q1, or any other game for that matter? For me it's the corridor in the original game (ep4 elder god shrine) that slides across revealing a lava pit - you can either sprint forward and die or retreat and then cross as the pit closes again. Its a basic concept but forces the player to think and react to the environment more intelligently.

other examples of great traps - ?
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Yes, I'm One Too. 
p.s2->are all raven guys assholes?

Every single male working here is a complete and total asshole.

The females are okay though.

Still...what the fuck is WETA? Anyone? 
W E T Y 
...them too. 
:\ Sorry Then Lun, But I Didnt Like Some Atitudes U Had In #tf... 
let me explain then!!!

there are lots of boxes with func_door with and each box got a word and u need to know the puzzle or the func_door active and u fall into the lava... like this


so u need to jump to L then U then N to have a safe way... the other words make u fall in lava... 
So ... 
... W E T Y refers to a floor of lettered tiles like at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Sounds cool.

I really enjoyed Salv. The traps were gruesome and required a combination of agility and consideration to get past, but they weren't so complex that they ruined the flow of the game. Afterall, Quake should be a fairly fast paced game, so you don't want to die too many times as a result of traps, but you do want to be kept on edge by the knowledge that something potentially more lethal than a Shambler might be waiting round the corner. 
yes Text_Fish like this (indiana Jones)!!! but i dont remenber name of map :\ going to try to find this weekend in my data base :| will take some hours 
Doom Ep1 
that's what i meant before and what inspired me to make a 'bitch ending' it was great because it made fun of the player, but still left progression open - ultra violence. i'm taking alot of ideas from doom, including a twist on the end of ep1 with the giant star arena, but with fiends (only; no infighting >:))

the letters thing sound a good idea - in salv there's the bit where you jump across pillars with the lights telling you which ones aren't safe - sounds similar.

the traps in the original were very brutal, but the whole environment screamed TRAP! with blood on the walls or a huge spiked plate of metal (yep, great trap in door to cthon, maybe trap of the game) or whatever, but its always very obvious that pain is nearby, the only ones not marked so well were pretty harmless and just meant to keep the player on thier toes - like the spike trap in shub's pit. 
Ah, Okay. 
Thanks for the clarification. 
...weta is a New Zealand pet. Although apparently they have varieties in South Africa as well. 
Eek, Pat. Eek. 
Rolled up, very elegant.

Unrolled, makes my skin move around as if it wants to climb off.

Seeing photos of the horrid cephalopods that still walk this earth make me leery about eating things like crab and lobster, because I think about their close neighbors on the biological ugly tree and wonder if crab meat isn't just an amalgam of yellow gooey insect flesh. 
cephalopods = squid and octopi
crustaceans = crabs, lobster, wood lice etc.
arthropods = crustaceans + insects + arachnids
arthropods != cephalopods 
Creepy Fucking Thingapods With More Legs Than Me 
how's that?

wait, this is the traps thread? WTF are we talking about this for? 
Haha, Someone Fell For My Derailment Trap! 
Awesome Trqap 
even better that the one in Beneath A Distant Sun
where you get stuck in the alien eggs while another player comes up and frags your ass! 
Creepy Fucking Thingapods With More Legs Than Me
how's that?

Not bad, but it lacks a certain scientific quality. Maybe we should ask Anwulf what the latin is for "fucking creepy"

WTF are we talking about this for?

Because of the antlions from HL2? They're certainly arthropodic. Not so creepy, but they do scitter up out of the beach if you so much as look at the ground too hard. Physics objects are the only way to progress over some parts, which is the sort of close interactivity that's a welcome development from Q1 era traps that was mentioend earlier.
However, the basic formula still applies to make it a good trap: good warning, consequences that are not too harsh because of the amount of work the player has to invest to progress safely. Those consequences are also relative to how badly the player fucks up, given that the length of time spent on the sand corelates to the number of antlions that will accumulate. And the method of progression - physics jiggery - leaves some flexibility in the player's options.
Much of this works because of the premise that is established on the back - chitinous and exoskeletal that it is - of the antlion concept: they can burrow, scitter, fly and swarm because they are creepy and arthropodic.

I guess you could argue that the antlion-beach scenario is less a trap and more an obstacle, which might be an interesting argument to explore further: what's the difference between the two?
But that chapter in HL2 is called "sandtraps" after all ;)

...and we're back on topic!

Haha, Someone Fell For My Derailment Trap!

No, I anticipated it and dodged to safety.
Can I have a health pack now? 
A Map With Traps 
This is a sort of speedmap, enjoy.

When you are descending try to take in as much detail as you can about the maze. It is possible to not die on the first attempt :) . Also you are safe next to walls with runes. 
ooh wel i died few times :) nice level!!!

why didn�t u sent to neg|ke for nect speedmap seccion? 
Thanks for playing! I actually dropped into the speed mapping channel on Saturday, there was nobody there :/ . Feel free to include it in this pack though. 
come to irc quakenet #terrafusion u map very good nice map ;) 
Very creative map you got there. But I just could not beat it. I kept panicking after every corner, thinking im gonna get crushed.

Good effort. Keep it up. 
Omus - good job there, nice looking and differently fun to play. after a few deaths, while lowering i charted a path and then saved at every Safe Haven

ended with 30 health and nothing in my inventory

id like to see such things integrated into a more serious rounded singleplayer map =) 
Awesome, and really quite scary I thought! I'd also like to see it turned in to something more, as once you get out of the maze and go downstairs it's a bit of a dissapointing end. 
just played through - nice idea, i especially like the pyramid theme, even though its kind of obscured by the theme of player gibs :).

I'd also like to see this as an expanded version - though i'd suggest making the blocks a little slower . . . 
pypain was cool. Short, but it was a speedmap after all. 
An Idea 
just noted that traps is the next speedmapping session theme and remembered something from the "teaching old progs.dat new tricks" thread about weaponstripping the player so they had no weapons (preach was the poster) might be a cool idea for making a map without monsters if you don�t even have your trusty shotgun . . . would seem worrying to play quake without even that as defence. 
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