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Something For Everyone At Tronyn's
Tronyn's updated his site with various re-releases and fixes, and news and screenshots about upcoming Q1 SP maps.

Visit the update here :

If you cant be bothered, here's a quick summary of what's there :

- Uploaded aguirRe's improved An Old, Old Evil, my first Quake project. He fixed a few problems in the package and made all the maps more playable (Ep2m2, "The Knight's Stronghold" which formed the basis of Masque, is now completely playable!).

Link :

- Rereleased my latest Quake single player map from last October, The Masque of the Red Death. The new package is standalone, meaning it doesn't require Scourge of Armagon, but you still need Darkplaces or aguirRe's Quake to run it. Also, I fixed the start map Hollow Revelry so that skill levels now work.

Link :

- aguiRe's compiled a Soul of Evil bonus map, Coven, consisting of both Soe2m4 and Soe2m5 in one map. This was the way I originally built the level (Coven being the original title), but due to technical limitations at the time I had to cut it in two. In this version, you're given enough weaponry to make the map generally fair, if highly challenging, and the lighting's been improved and some secrets and map routes have reverted to their original, interconnected setup.

Link :

There's a whole bunch of other stuff, including Hipnotic and Rogue mini packs courtesy of aguiRe again, 4 Rune DM maps and also map sources.
thks Tronyn u rockzzzzz if anyone need a account to fileplanet u�re free to use mine

user :
Pass : trinca 
Ye Olde Generic One 
username: qmap@qmap
password: qmap 
thanks nitin, i was reading the stuff on tronyn's site, but it's like a wall of text, and i kind of lost interest (sorry tronyn!) 
lol, what a tease-- new maps and only tiny sshots! :P 
could you get that to work?

I tried that before posting here and iti didnt work for me. 
I thought some people might think the same, so I did the summary :) 
Nice Big Update 
and even some new maps to play, great stuff Tronyn and AguirRe.

Also I can�t wait to play that map with over 600 enemies.

tronyn has turned emo on us 
appreciate the comment.

The internet is so much gayer and whinier now than 5 years ago. 
Good Stuff 
just playing through night journey now, got my eye on the others to keep the quake going. terracotta terror had a couple of minor niggles but was fun and a nice design.

good work!

(it was always whiney)(and gay) 
your new e-mail that you mentioned on the site doesn't work. How can I contact with you now?
I sent you an e-mail to your old address. Anyway, try to contact with me. 
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