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Magazine For Mappers/modders
Hey guys,

I've started a new venture... .

It's basically a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to mapping, modding, 3d modeling, game art, etc. etc. for games and mods. I'm currently searching for community leaders and mappers to help "jumpstart" the project. I'm looking for the support of the community, so if you feel like you can help, let me know! I'm asking for your help. :)

Contrbuting is very eary, plz view:

Note: If you have previously released articles/tuts on the net, you can contribute those as well.

Great idea, best wishes for a successful site. 
The Links Clickable

As I think it is meant as "web-magazine" (as in not printed) you should improve the readability of the site! Right now the text is quite bad to read ;)

Very nice idea! 
Thanks for fixing the links.

The magazine will be in print. Think PCGamer except it will be for game design and mods, etc. 
Where will it be published in print? 
This Project 
is incredibly dubious, since he wants to make money off of (presumably) your writings. As of last night, there was zero info about how authors get paid.

And redfella, why bother going into print, when pdf is just fine? 
since he wants to make money off of (presumably) your writings.

Of course, so does planetquake when they host you, and fileplanet, and google, and youtube, and flickr....

However, more clarity on copywrite, subscription price, and fees/royalties would be nice. 
inertia: The first few issues will be in PDF. I would like to go to print because it seems more professional, and may have more potential in reaching a larger audience... But that's way off in the distance at this point.

As far as it being "dubious", there is no doubt about my intentions to make money. That's what I hope will happen. :D

Text_Fish: Hopefully in all the big places, Borders, Barnes, etc. But again, thats way off in the distance.

metlslime: I have written some info about subscribtion prices in the conrtibutor's FAQ. That's another hazy area at this point. Contributor's compentsation at present time is zero. When (I should say "if") the money starts coming in, that will change. 
when I asked 'where' I meant 'what country'. Most independant magazines only reach a very local audience, simply because it costs a shit load of money to publish a national or international magazine. And a magazine about modding really isn't going to appeal to a large enough audience to fund a project on such a scale.

If you want to get in to print, may I suggest you contact an established magazine like PC Gamer and offer to write a regular modding feature for them? 
They Really Have A Chance... And Nothing To Loose! 
"And a magazine about modding really isn't going to appeal to a large enough audience to fund a project on such a scale."

I wouldnt be so convinced about that. Game editting and generally game development (and this is what the magazine is about) is becoming more and more popular (now when we have hl2, fear, and more games with modding support coming out...). i suppose that in a few years releasing a printed magazine on a bigger scale may be possible. if they have interesting articles and are able to catch peoples attention properly...

i've spent quite a few years on maintaining a gaming portal, cooperated with other portals and printed magazines and i know what i'm saying. if the guy knows what he wants, is stubborn and has a company of at least a few as stubborn comrades they have a chance to succeed.

i even wish i could join them in their efforts (apart from portals, i also spent quite a few years on mapping/modding, i've committed a few tutorials etc) but my situation doesnt give me any chance. i dwell in shit and can't get out :/ 
This is more or less Game Developer magazine aimed at people who aren't professionals yet?

As the industry plods forward and consumers continue to demand prettier and more immersive games, the mod community is going to steadily shrink, because even small projects are quickly growing beyond the scope of what community members or small teams can handle. Hell, some studios can't handle it.

It doesn't look like you've got a lot of room to sell a printed periodical nationally.

I see something like this working out much better if developed in the vein of the Escapist ( Pretty much your whole target audience is already on the internet anyway, operating costs scale much better compared to the size of the audience (which is damn small compared to the readerships of the other magazines on Barnes and Noble's shelves), and the games industry always welcomes a quality games-related site to buy ad space from. 
I browsed over the escapist for a solid hour. I must say I'm *quite impressed*. Obviously, I havn't been to that site before...

Hmmm, the possibilities...

Thanks Lun. 
Masque Of The Red Death 
and/or Marcher. 
Whoops. :"> 
Wrong thread. 
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