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Fenix Pack For Yeti3D
Fenix Pack For Newbies is... The best fenix collection. More 70MB from samples and tools, 3D functions, Examples, Tools, Links, Docs, and more.

Yeti3D is... a portable software based 3D engine. The engine design was inspired by the brilliant CUBE Engine. The aim of this project is to bring high quality 3D rendering to palm devices like the Gameboy Advanced, mobile phones and Palm PC's.

[Editor's note: I don't really understand how Fenix and Yeti3D are related to each other. maybe someone will figure out why this is useful.]
i had to rewrite this post to include info i found on the web, and still didn't quite manage to connect the dots. 
I Think You Just Promoted Spam To News 
i probably should have just kicked the submission over to the general abuse thread. There was a glimmer of a possibility that this was actually something worthwhile, and it does seem to be game modding and mapping related, but i was never able to figure out exactly how. So i tried to go out and do the extra footwork to make it a legitimate news item, but... i can't say i actually succeeded. 
Excelent Tool 
excelent tool.

yeti3d v2006, cool.. 
Now that idiotic post proves that this thread can officially be closed and the link removed. Ha! 
If josh says it's good, it must be! 
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