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Quake: The Arcade Machine !
i know a fair bit about Quake 1.

but i have never seen this before:

how cool is that?
Quake - Arcade Tournament Edition 
Heheh, there was one of these on eBay a couple years ago, that's the first I heard of it :/

...someone that knows more about it, make a mod that replicates the gameplay. :)

Orrrr...*waits for progs ripped right from machine* 
Metal Slime 
turn me into teh evile moderator please ;) 
I remember reading about the Quake arcade machine back in 1998 in Pczone, from what I remember they were only available in Germany to start with, but obviously made it to the states (and perhaps britain?) later on due to those screenshots being in english.

I also remember that they introduced a timelimit into each map (in sp mode) that you had to beat or you lose credits. 
Arcade Machine 
I played one of these machines in london in 1998. It was quite shit because the trackball wasn't inverted. Hence the quite unnatural sensation of tilting the ball forwards and your player looking up. 
I used to have my mouse set so that pushing up made you look down. This was natural for quite some time and would erk my cousin when I'd play SOF or HL and set it that way... I had a hiatus from playing FPS's for awhile and now I'm used to what is considered the 'right' way - up > up, down > down. 
..the 'right' way... - you must be joking.

I thought everyone used the 'aeroplane' style for navigation, where down 'pulls the nose up' to view the ceiling.

I find it the only natural way to play. 
Amen Brotha 
years of starfox have trained me such that a non-inverted mouse is almost impossible to use.

convert i tell you! it is The Way! 
Indeed, non-inverted is evile. 
I play inverted but it's really just a matter of a couple of hours or less to get used to the other. 
If I remember correctly, the "official" version of the edge dm map from quake 2 was released a few years ago in quake 1 format...apparently because it had been converted by Tim Willits for use in the quake arcade machine. 
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