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Training Mission: Cube 101
This is a level that introduces Cube's monsters and weapons one by one, and then tests what you have learned. Still plenty of action.
While I Was Gone 
you lads have been busy while i was away. There was no such as the "cube" when i last visited... qmap...

she smells sweet 
No The 
Just Cube. 
I Played It 
I died. but it was only my third time playing cube 
Where have you been 
Where Have I Been? Good Question 
Hey Speedy, i guess i've been floating in limbo... started mapping for AvP2... got side tracked with 3D studioMax... is Elek still working with Maya?

i built a few websites, and taught web design for a while. im still playin AvP2 MP... joined a clan called Soul Assassins, i built them a site (lol... i dont remem the code for links) and did some skin work. It seems like a million years have past since i experimented with Quake

and, like many othere people, im hoping the new doom will be great. until then just started playing Vietcong, its not a bad game... but its no quake. 
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