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Quake Expo 2003 Has Begun
Quake Expo 2003 officially opened its booths today. If this is anything like the first Quake Expo (2001,) expect to see plenty of new Quake mods, maps, and other fun stuff being released each day. Be sure to check by the QExpo site over the next week during this biannual online event celebrating the Quake scene.

QExpo homepage:
QExpo schedule:
whats qexpo? 
I've Hidden The Answer To Your Question... 
...somewhere in the body of this news post. 
and \0/ for QExpo 2003. 
and already there are 2 awesome maps released! both by Chainer:

underworldfan, I expect you to review theses 
These Are Good Maps 
But the gameplay is just way over the top hard. (Esp. #2) Aye, me likes. 
I Released Some Screenshots!! 
I even did it on single player map day, to follow the schedule! 
Chainers Maps 
are actually both maps he has already sent me by email and i have already reviewed. The screenshots at the booth are actually from my ;)

Here is my Q1SP map review page (where you will see the reviews listed): 
I Thought So! 
but i reviewed them anyway. :P now i have to play Kona's maps and review them later... 
to scampie and czg, and esp. necros, liked your reviews :)

and they didnt seem that hard to me but then again i knew where all the monsters were :) 
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