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Nesp09 - Dawn Of Eternity, Released!
Ok, Finally, this map is done. You can go check out my booth: at QExpo,

check out my site:

or Download right now:

have fun! :)
/me HUGs necros

I can't wait to get home... 
these maps absolutely rocks!
very nice monsters! doom gameplay r0x0rs!
It's cool. 
Respawn Monster? 
Sounds a lot like that little mod I put out about 2 weeks ago. Is it the same thing? 
Very Nice! 
yet again i am very impressed by your mapping skills necros... the emptyness without is a personal favourite of mine, and this is almost if not just as good! The design around the start areas are the best part - i loved the huge towering structures that hang over you. I think the rocks should be a bit more 'jagged' to make it more realistic, and some of the designs seemed kinda 'square topped' if u get what i mean.. like they didnt meet with the sky properly. i think more dark/black shadows would of been better too, still very good looking overall tho, & lots of detail :)

it was fun to play, i liked the new monsters, esp the modified cthon! i didnt get you had to shoot shubniggurath in order to kill the lava shamblers though, hehe.. i wasted alot of ammo on them :)

the ending was cool also, not quite as good as say, mexx9, but still better than most ive played. spent about 30-40 mins on it which cant be bad...

btw how did you get the lava to appear as if it were falling? 
'the ending was cool also, not quite as good as say, mexx9, but still better than most ive played. spent about 30-40 mins on it which cant be bad... '

i meant 30-40 minutes on the whole map, not the ending ;) 
Hi Guys! 
thanks for all the kind words!

Sounds a lot like that little mod I put out about 2 weeks ago. Is it the same thing?

i dunno... what's the mod, and where can i find it? ;) i certainly hope it isn't the same thing!

btw how did you get the lava to appear as if it were falling?

i assume you're talking about the lava fall texture? it's simpler than it looks, actually! i just went in photoshop, stretched out the regular lava texture, added some little effects then saved the texture with different vertical movement, so that when it animated, it looked like it was going down.

ciao! :) 
RE: Hi Guys! 
I've played the ne_respawn mod now and its very different. Here is some info about my version :]

The func_msgboard post:

The d/load link: 
I Think I Shit Myself When I First Saw Those Cthons 
Here I sit, broken hearted
For all the world to see
Saw Cthons, farted in fear
The fucking things saw me!

This has to be the most a-bloody-mazing map I've seen since CZG07. Well done Necros. 
My 1st Run! 
Recorded it, died horribly of course :) hehe. (2.3mb) 
Very Nice Necros 
has your traditional design stamp all over it - huge towering areas, insane horde combat etc. However, your outdoor work and rockwork could be improved upon as could outside lighting. That said, it'a lot of fun and very memorable.

great job! 
Great Maps 
The secret map was a bitch to find, especially how to get to it once you've found all three buttons.

The end of the secret map was brutal, but with some grenade jumping, it was surprisingly easy. Packet overflow and engine chokes galore ... 
yeah. i didn't want to give away the map too easily.

i'm not sure many people found it either, because unless you read the readme (like, i'm sure, about 2% of the people who actually played it did) i never really mentioned it much.

packet overflow? weren't you using the included engines? (or the updated ones from tyrann's site) the maps were meant to played on an engine like that, so there are no engine chokes...

unless you were using the software engine. i didn't test as extensivly as i did on the gl on. 
Oh, And 
about the end...

i never realized the glaring fault of the ending map. only later, morfans showed this little bug to me... i was hoping "he's a speedrunner, most normal players won't think of that".

obviously, i was wrong... :P 
I Used Tyr-GLQuake 0.0.41 
and I had major packet overflow and engine chokes at the end. It might of course be due to me waiting until all the knights had spawned and I could have a grenade splatter fest ...

Parts of the room disappeared, sound stuttered and gibs were all over the place, thank God for the corpse removal code ...

Well, I sure ain't no speedrunner but I know how to grenade jump (at least after a couple of attempts).

As for the entrance to the secret map, you could have added a message after finding all buttons that indicated that the exit was now redirected. I looked for another teleporter and couldn't find one.

It took me quite a while to figure that out (including opening the bsp in QuArK to see how to get to the secret entrance without noclipping). Others might not be that determined and would miss out on the 2nd map. 
i never had the patience to wait until all the knights had spawned to see what would happen, and neither did any of my testers. :P tyr_quake raises the limits, but obviously, quake just wasn't made to display a few hundred knights in one room. the sound stuttering is probably you system dying. :)

the idea of having the same teleporter act as the secret teleporter was supposed to make it 'transparent', ie: you don't notice anything until the end... looks like it back fired though...

So, anyone still playing the map:
once you've hit all three secret symbol buttons, just walk through the end level trigger like you normally would! :D 
Another Thing 
you seemed to supply a slightly secret way of getting from the end area up through the lava pipe again but

1) you take major damage due to the lava and 2) you still won't make all the way up since the trigger_push is not sufficient (at least not the 3-4 times I tried before I died)

Was this intentional or maybe I just stumbled across something I shouldn't have seen ? 
actually, it is _just_ possible to make it up, but you have to be quick. (or lucky, i suppose)

honestly, i just put it there if the player _really really_ wanted to get back up there, but i figured most people would ignore it as useless.

but yeah, you loose health. like i said, i never really put much thought into it... *shrug* 
Packet Overflow 
I haven't done anything to help with packet overflows yet. I think that maybe Aard did something in panquake though. 
and that's probably why i didn't notice it... i used panquake too often... 
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