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Quake Expo Releases Discussions
Lets talk about QEXPO releases. Mods, output of speed events, engines, maps that are not mentioned in func_ news and all the rest.

Share your impressions and recommend what is worth checking (I`m sure not everyone has time to try all the releases, thus your opinion will be useful)
Welllllllllllll, i was thonking that i woold sp00jj all over el Qexpo releases. Kinda lik, lik, lik... i did your girlfriend@@@!!

They really are leet, the maps and mods make me want to cream myself. 
Has Anyone Tried 
TSF? it looked kinda neat, but i can't seem to find the url anymore... 
I Downloaded A Ton Of Stuff 
Now all that's left is to finish *^#$^% Battle Mech so I can have the time to play them. :)

I love how many booths there are. And DJQuake rocks! 
Speed Mapping..? 
i saw there was supposed to be a speed mapping challenge last night at 8pm.. i made a small map (deathmatch) in about 2 hours.. but didn't see any news about where to send it to.. and haven't seen anything posted since. what happened with that? 
Re: Speed Mapping 
The speed mapping session didnt happen yesterday, so i've started one tonight that is currently in progress in #speedmapping...

if you could, please email the map to me at:
starbuck at planetquake dot com
i look forward to seeing your map 
Be Sure To Check PROX 
excelent quality production - good mod and good maps
Hmm Lets Try This Way 
Ohhh.. Wow... 
/me stares in wonder at pro-x...

/me drools...

*snaps back to reality*

Oh, um... Yea, so I still have to try the mods I downloaded. :)

Curse of Korweh was pretty interesting, and there's a progsfix out to repair any bugs you may have encountered:

There were a lot of maps released. I'm especially interested in anything DM that I can play in against bots. Screenshots were beautiful, all of them.
/me rushes home to try it all, all of it! It's all mine! 
Curse Of Korweh, 
hm, yes, it's very nice.

map wise, though, i wonder if it would be possible to make something resembling a regular q1sp map, but playable in isometric view... the sewers featured in the demo were very uninspiring, and dull...

i did like how you can rotate the camera around. 
Did anyone enjoy Battle Mech? I'm getting reports of the head turning out of control (which is fixable if you change engines), but nothing else. Was it any fun? 
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