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Back In Action At ..::LvL
Its been a while, but here is a ..::LvL update! Top pick of the update will keep everyone busy for many hours, its "Pull Your Socks Up" from Lunaran.

* Pull Your Socks Up by Lunaran (CPMA/DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* Gut Blue Ice by dONKEY (and RasputiN) (DM/Tourney 2-3 player)
* AEon's Capture by AEon (CTF 4-12 player)
* AEon's Pyramid by AEon (DM/Tourney/Instagib 2-6 player)
* AEon's Timeless by AEon (DM/Tourney/TeamDM 2-8 player)
* Leather & Space by 187-J4CK4L (Space DM/tourney 2-4 player)
* Agony by Boffo (DM/Tourney 2-3 player)

In other news, Mand0g and I have moved into a great place at Bondi Beach but we are still setting things like internet up. Mark Wright has been working on a "..::LvL Sherlock Channel" for Mac OS X 10.2 users. It looks great from the screenshots I've seen. Direct link for OS X users is:

I've also been working on a Map Info XML data format so that users can list all the ..::LvL map data for individual levels on there own site. More about this with the next update.

And finally, Japan is amazing place to visit :]

Hmm... That's Odd... 
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I Want To Be Kinn When I Grow Up 
eat your greens! 
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sometimes it is green 
No you don't. As soon as I find a way to shrug off my fleshy shell and become one with the virtual realm, I'm outta here. 
[16:01] <Bl1tz|zzz> lol it says there are 9 posts at that LvL thread
[16:01] <Bl1tz|zzz> ONLY 8
[16:02] <bear> internet humour reaches new heights... 
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