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"Speedmapping" Pack 41 Released
Speedmapping session 41 took place last night and fun was had by all.

It went on longer than the original 100 minutes in most cases, but I think it was worth it, as the result is a huge 11 maps being produced!

Download the pack here (2.7mb)

Definitely worth getting; there's some great work in this pack.

(via Starbuck)
Screenshot Of SM41_RPG 
If anyone wants a screenshot of my single player speedmap, click here: 
you made a really good looking sp map! it looked almost worthy of a regular release! could have used better lighting though, as it was really dark... gameplay was almost spot on though, i finished without dying with 14 health! :) 
Thanks, necros. The lighting in the indoor spots was too dark cause I couldn't be bothered to place lights on the curved ceiling. I also wanted to avoid minlight and go for more of an old-school-style lighting. The final room should probably have been better lit, though, and I played it again today and the weapons were too hard to spot. :/

While playing your map, I was intrigued by the idea of making Doom-style level of detail, which would make the map faster to create. This got me thinking about using a Doom editor and then a prog to convert it to Quake .map for item and light placement. Interesting. 
Asaki's Was The Best 
Original, Gimmicky, Fun, and Well built. Everything a proper speedmap should be. The rest just seemed like smaller versions of normal maps. 
some very nice and original maps!
gg everyone who participated 
I Liked Necros' And RPG's 
maps best; intense combat but still survivable. As necros said, RPG's was a bit dark at times. 
good textures :))) 
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