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Quad Released
After screwing around with the Cube source I've released a little mod I like to call Quad. It includes 2 new mp modes, 3 new sp modes, and a variety of other little changes, features and hacks.

Screenshots, download and source are all at:
is seriously a fun mod. I playtested it and gave it my thumbs-ups! 
the link gives me an error 
Globat is being a dick. Anyone willing to play mirror for a week for me? 
The link is dead ... 
I Can Mirror 
Don't hold your breath, but I'll have a go at uploading tonight (UK time) and post the link here if no-one else has got there before me :) 
No, I Can't Mirror 
I've discovered when I went to get my ISP's FTP login, that there are no webspace updates allowed for 6 weeks due to 'maintenance'.

Any other takers? 
Blatant CnP Job From Cube Forums 
I tried it...and I liked it.

I found the Ogro Hunter a little unsatisfying; it seemed a bit pointless, except for the 'with a vengeance' version, which at least provided an identifiable challenge/opponent.

However, Rocket Bounce r0x0red big style!

Even just playing with a local server and two clients connected (kind of a turn-based cube), it was great fun and I imagine you could have a real blast with this online.

/me wonders if there is a master server running

Gib Collector was good, but perhaps slightly less innovative than Rocket Bounce; again without playing online, this is difficult to judge. I certainly looked like fun, though.

Three cheers to Pushplay for producing a high quality, finished, apparently bug-free mod with no fuss or nonsense.

Can't miss an opportunity to freely p1mp the Cube community ;) 
Ok, The Site Seems To Be Back At Full Speed 
Hopefully that'll be the end of that nonsense. 
I just released a special non-crashing verison of Quad. Anyone with the old one probably should update. 
Ha ! 
good screenshots ! 
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