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Cha0s Releases Kritische Masse
cha0s has just released "Kritische Masse," a q3dm that utilizes various lunaran texture sets. From his info page:

kritische masse is a mid sized map with 3 1/2 floors, designed for 1on1 or 2on2 matches. it may run slow on older computers, but the performance is at least better than it was in lichtw�rts.

more info:

(thanks nitin)
Good To Make It News 
the map's definitely worth it. A keeper for sure. 
i loved the aesthetic of lichtw�rts. 
A very good map. 
lichtw�rts is one of the best arty map 
omg. thx guys :) 
nothing to say your map is very beautifull !
when i saw the screenshots i want it immediatly !!! 
I found secret area ! I has to be experienced

and ... Devil lies in the details ! 
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