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Prydon Gate Episodes Thread
Those of you who have not tried Prydon Gate, or its new episode, Curse of Korweh, should definately take a gander:
And the progs fix (some bugs fixed):

Prydon gate is apparently extremely easy to make a new episode for. A particular post in the I3D forums says it pretty well:

Tei said

Does this episode include community links to user made maps?
The quality of new maps is amazing, but maybe I can design a "wizard tower" or something ....

Frik replies

Oh indeed yes - this version of the Prydon Gate demo is inteneded to allow people to make easier to add on maps. The four portals in capel curig can be used for whatever you want, the destinations are set in prydon.cfg. East is Korweh currently - but the very existance of these portals is to encourage mappers to make add on episodes/maps. Just create the map and provide an altered prydon.cfg enabling the person to go there through one of the portals (or give instructions to edit prydon.cfg). There are no plans for destinations for any of the others, so knock yourself out.

So, I was wondering if anyone was interested in such a project? At first glance, you can tell that the maps that currently exist aren't exactly the ultimate in mapping prowess, so it isn't like you'd have to be really good at mapping to make a decent episode. In fact, I think most people here would have a great deal they could contribute. And some of our local experts could probably create some awesome episodes.

The devkit is available at the first link provided. It should provide you with what you need.

I hope someone will be interested. This is definately a mod that should continue on!
Northern Realm 
Yeah, I'm making a snow/mountain themed section, which either belongs on the north border or outside the town. It features a new yeti monster, and may have monks, bats and wolves in the future. 
I'll hopefully be able to do some sort of episode, if my own projects don't get to me first. One of the main setbacks is the documentation is a bit overwhealming, and confusing. But I should figure it out ok. If all else fails, I can open one of the other maps and see how he did those. 
On Adding New Monsters 
The devkit doesn't yet detail how to add new monsters, and so I figured I'd share what I knew here:

Models: replacement models should have the same pattern of frames as the base human, that is:
1 stand/ a framegroup with a stand animation
6 walk
6 run
6 die
7 attack
6 pose (what this is for I dunno)
6 cast
6 jump
7 bowshot
4 throw

If you're doing a melee only monster, you can safely(I hope!) omit the later animations.

The worldcraft fgd is pretty helpful in explaining the fields on a monster, but do do some things you have to turn Smartedit off. By looking in the source, I figured out that adding max_health will boost a monster's starting health. One thing I haven't figured out is how to make monsters adopt the automatic classes, like mage, weakling, healthly etc, I may have another look tomorrow.

The monster_spawn and info_class work together for random monsters. Create an info_class with fields in the same way as you would a 'monster' entity, for each type of random encountered monster you want. Then simply place monster_spawn entities where you want the random monsters to start. The game will then randomly select a class from the info_class for each monster_spawn, and give it all those characteristics. Since they don't have the option on the smartedit, they may not respond to story level.

The other monsters, and the sewer_monster entity, seem to be hard coded into the game, as the models may have different frames to the standard. The sewer_monster entity seems to be an older version of the monster_spawn, except it selects from the hardcoded sewer monsters. Perhaps this is something frik did before implimenting info_class and stuff? In any case, better off using info_class for it's flexability.

It's kinda late here, so if it's not clear, just ask. Maybe I'll look at npc's next, I'll need to add some soon. 
Very Nice! 
Thanks for the info! Frik left a lot out, so I'm glad you've taken the time to share.

If you have any questions for FrikaC, his e-mail is:
kryten *at* adelphia *dot* net

But give him time, he gets a ton of e-mail every day.

Uh Huh 
I'm currently 99% complete on a new 15 map campaign for Prydon Gate. It includes new monsters, NPC's etc. It also uses an expanded version of the progs.dat which Frika has incorporated into his own latest builds of Prydon.

If you want to know how to map with the new progs.dat features (like custom frames for monsters), or just sort out what features are in the Korweh release drop a line on gamesnet, #prydon. 
mappers really don't want to map for your silly mod. now please stop shoving it down our collective fucking throat. 
this is an old thread... I thought people were really still trying to get mappers on board the Prydon Gate train by mentioning it every other word. 
Calm Down Scampie 
you flaem warrior. 
Yo scampers, there's currently 5 mappers involved in making expansions that I know of.. 
calm down man, talk about elitist! :) So your not interrested, so dont post :) Nobody forced you to view this thread... 
Awesome! Drop us a line at also when you complete it! 
I Am Sorry. 
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