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Far Cry "Matto4" Mod Released
Website :

Matto4 is a single player expansion for Far Cry featuring 4 hours of new single player adventure with new enemies and 4 new weapons for you to kill with.

The mod looks very professional with scenes that rival the original game in quality, if you still have Far Cry installed I cant think of any reason why you should not try this out.

Edit: Learn to copy the right download links you homo ;)
I knew I didn't delete it for a reason! 
Download size: 392mb

So, was it worth the download? I think so. I found it a very enjoyable and professional mod. Well crafted, and detailed levels. Little bits of humour in there, which is always nice to see. I didn't get lost of unsure of what to do in any of the levels (expect perhaps the last one for a while), and the gradual buildup of difficulty is well handled.

Only bad point for me was the voice acting of the main hero - Jack Carver. Hideously bad. It's such a shame because it would only take a few hours, a day perhaps to get it redone.

Bad voice acting aside, it is very close to a commercial level add-on. Actually what I'm I saying... it's way better than some of the shit I've spent money on over the years. 
A mod about stealing the "Duum 3" source code is worthy? 
The "screenshots" on that site have absolutely nothing to do with Matto4. They are clearly marked. Try reading before coming out with some inane a$$hattery. 
The site says fucking nothing about the mod. I go to screenshots to see what its about, and I see that crap - thus the impression I'm giving.

Don't blame me for a site that can't doesn't even tell the visitor what it's all about.

And don't tell me it's "United with new team-members you�ll enter the A.R.M-Complex to fight the guy that shot you, once again." that is horribly vague. 
Thus the impression I'm given 
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