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"Brushwork" Project
Pope's new coffee table book project:

fire your questions/admiration/vows/etc to - its a work in progress, and I'm very open to hearing what you have to say on the subject.

[reposted from the GA thread by metlslime]
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I've never even made a Q1 map

Shame on you...:P 
Gotta Say... 
This sounds fantastic. I have sent through an email to the address and I really hope that this project gets off the ground.

Now, if only I could find my signed-by-iD Quake 2 Extremities box... then I could then have two things by which to justify the countless hours of neglecting my friends and family so that I could stare deep into Worldcraft's interface while sitting in a dimly lit room.

pjw (and others)

all 3d shooter games are welcome. The reason its so heavily Quake focused is obviously due to my ties with the community. I do have a couple non quake contributers so far. But would encourage more.

Once I have more to show, I will recirculate a lot more diligently to other communities in an effort to get more variety.

That reminds me. Age won't be included, i nixed that idea a while ago. However the games one maps for perhaps is a wiser idea, and far more relevant.

chesire: welcome, so glad to see an old face show up from the woodwork! 
how about including comments from other mappers/review writers 
Good Idea 
For Quake map: there is Underwolrdfan's website at 
also you can look on MPQ for some nice pieces of text expressing map style/feel... 
I want to see the brushwork. Not read what others thing about it. 
No Reviews Please 
They dont describe the brushwork much (if at all). Dont shift the focus 
Regarding the "schedule" given on your website, you should be, more or less, in the latest steps of your editing process... Could you give us any feedback please ? What is the status as of today ? I ask just because I'm curious ;) 
Yeah, Schedule... 
book landed on the backburned with some delays in contacting a few of the first people. It's still active, but with a few other things on the menu, combined with my A.D.D. it's been stalled a bit. There HAS been work done, but nothing really worthwhile updating things with.

I'm still looking for a decent typeface that's affordable. Last one I liked was $600 ... i must have expensive taste. 
I'm glad to see things are going forward: I thought a minute the project has been canceled ;)
I'll stay tuned and I'll look forward for new post from you here, in order to keep informed !
Keep it up ! 
It Shant Be Canceled... 
unless i die.

so there's a 50/50 chance 
Humpty Bumpty 
I wanna see my name in print 
you mean in a context that doesn't involve Dave Matthews and a bus and a bridge? 
I Don't Think He Was Ever Namechecked In Those Articles 
Sorry lads, I know there's no good 'real' reason for lack of news. I'm just getting my life back onto some solid ground. It's no excuse, just a reason for my ineptitude. 
You don't have to give any excuses for that: real life is more important than our "virtual" life here. So it is not ineptitude, it is just management of priority: we all know that very well ;) 
@ #142

That still makes me laugh even today :) 
Pope ? 
How things are going on your side ? Any news to share ? 
doh, pope will not made it i guess...

maybe I can continue his idea? 
I was just looking at this the other day. I would buy this book instantly if it ever got finished. 
dead topic? :( 
Yeah, I was really hoping this would go somewhere. :-/ 
so I can continue that idea. It's not a problem for me to prepare pages for printing, I'll watch for some cheap book printers and when I'll have more details I'll inform you all. 
I'll watch for some cheap book printers

Hide your stiffy, or they might feel offended. 
sure, and quality it more important than very low prize. 
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