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SM132: Inverted Castle
Two small SP maps by generic and Omus.


Praise The Lard 
omus: very atmospheric - i like that! a ng would have been nice.

generic: a flying shambler? a neat treat of a map. liked the intermission.

both: what is inverted about your castle/ruin? 
Nice But Short 
omus' looked cool with the fog but felt a bit deserted with only few monsters in a fairly large space. generic's shambler was somewhat ineffective because of size of his platform (easy to dodge his lightning). no obvious inversion in both - better come up with some eloquent philosphical excuse. ;) 
It was meant to be inverted in the upside-down sense. Maybe it wasn't that obvious. 
I just wasted half an hour speedrunning on Omus' map. Got it down to 24:39, but at least 23 should be possible.
Nice maps! 
No Excuse... 
But mine was on time and done in a couple of hours which is an inversion of how I usually do things ;)

I was going to have the player teleported around the flying shambler and at varying angles in the end, but I couldn't be arsed. 
got 22.5 pretty easily, so 21 shouldn't be too hard. 20 secs...maybe. 
both a bit short, but quite fun, though very easy.

I thought fighting out from the centre of Generic's map was the inversion, but then I ended up back in the middle again, so that was that theory scuppered.

I vote we do the inverted castle theme for a speedchainmap in the future, because it sounds cool. 
Nice maps! 
Title Goes Here 
Both maps fun, and both puzzling.

Generic: I probably played this an extra 3 times because I couldn't understand why I was just finishing. I killed that shambler bastard in the end (he was mocking me).

Omus: Just so happened I was using DarkPlaces so I enjoyed the fog. Nice brush work. Absolutely no idea how you are suppose to play it, but I got 100% without cheats. Cool, and fitted the theme. 
nice maps guys ;) 
How About 
labyrinthine inverted moebius strips? 
generic: could you have used a smaller platform for the shambler or would he have just fallen off?

spirit/lodis: wouldn't mind seeing a demo of those runs! 
I'd rather see non-euclidean variations such as the klein bottle.

Hmm. Do you think aguirRe can modify his compilers and engines to support 4-D mapping? 
R.p.g.: They Already Can Handle (3+1)D: 
try creating a func_train with speed = 298.000 km/s, place event_lightning at its start/end points, place 1 info_player_start on the railway embarkment and 1 info_player_coop in the train itself... who do you think will see the e_lightnings in sync? =) 
Those were fun to watch, I'll build my next map with speedrunning in mind.

efdat - assuming 1 inch per unit I make that 11802852677 units/second :P which would require a modified engine (double precision integers) :P . 
Are we including network lag in the calculations? 
Omus: You're Right, 
so i was wrong in thinking this was a quake-mod:

@r.p.g.: those aren't lags: they are realistic simulations of the "tunnel effect" \o/ 
Yup, the shambler drops off of a smaller platform. Still, I probably could have have tweaked the geometry a little better or even placed a couple of clips around his head to keep him up there. Nice map, BTW :)

Thanks, all, for the comments. 
I know, but you have to be connected to a network for info_player_coop, so there will be some network lag introduced into the equation.

I was trying to take the piss. I guess I'm not British enough. 
@r.p.g: I Took A Piss, Too =) 
let's just say: t = (t' + v*x'/lag´┐Ż)

efdat, you're wrong. It's

x = lag*(x' - v*t') 
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