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DM Maps For Quake1 Psp Port
The long and short of it is that I am working on a PSP Quake mod port, it's deathmatch mostly, but with bots- something the others don't have.

Unfortunately my maps are far too large, and not that .. good

So what I'm asking is if you have any old Q1DM maps laying around with smaller level sizes, and not too detailed, would you mind allowing me to use them? (and of course, give you credit for them)
Did Paul 
just volunteer all our work! :o

Is This Port For Sale? 
or for the hell of it? 
I have no idea but I'm pretty sure it's just a free homebrew project. 
yeah, it's just based on Quake v2 for PSP, which is free, and of course only works on homebrew enabled psp's

it's just vanilla quake, but a 333mhz processor couldn't really handle much more 
I played Quake for years and years on a 233mhz processor. 
I Played 
Quake2 on a 166mhz :O

just fine to. 
Er, Yeah 
If you can't get quake functioning decently with 333mhz of specialized standardized hardware you can custom-optimize for under the hood you've probably got a ways to go. 
32mb Of Ram As Well 
Really the only things that shouldn't run on this well are newer megamaps that need custom engines and lots of memory 
I'd love to see my maps on psp 
It Should Be Able To Run Quake Well 
In the hands of a capable coder willing to spend enough time on making a good port quake should be no match for the psp. However, Quake was optimized for the x86 platform and besides that don't forget that all homebrew depend on unofficial documentation and tool chains. 
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