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This Is Now The "Map Project Ideas" Thread
We all have 1 billion q1sp ideas each day, right? How about we make a thread where we post our best ideas so that other people might take interest and make the map we want to make but probably won't.
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I got an audial in my head of Elvis singing the Conversation, Vegas theme song tune, while Durst
is in the background yelling, 'shut the fuck up!' and Method Man rapping, 'waz that? I didn't hear you, a little louder.'

Good One, Trinca 
are there frib` maps sources? 
An important thing to remember for remakes is that both e1m1rmx and dm3rmx were good enough maps that we'd still like them even without the nostalgia.

Just keep that in mind if you start getting tempted to "preserve the brushwork" or whatever :) 
I Recall 
Daz or one of them D's here wanted an underwater base. 
Palace Of The Brine 
This will be my next project - basicly a single main map with a nautical type overgrown island temple theme. Think the Mrymadons from Warcraft 3 or Castle of Koohoo by Vondur. But the low-level enemies will be replaced by redone models and some map hacks to provide skeleton warriors (Knights) and archers (Enforcers).

It's similar to the bumped starting thread theme mentioned by Shambler, since the palace holds the shrine of the sea monkey inside.

The idea is to have alot of exploration and side routes that necessary to complete the map, with plenty of set pieces. As well as focusing on a single map instead of trying to do too much. And dabbling in modelling and animation again. 
Underwater Base 
I drew up plans for an underwater alien infestation once... oh, the bypassed ideas of the last age! 
I'm a big fan of combining two independent themes into one for a map. For example, take base, take void, make a series of base-type structures floating in the void (that was gonna be my base pack map.)

It's pretty easy to do and I think you probably would come up with something somewhat unique fairly easily.

Some of the better ones I think would work:

Medieval-Void (Hurray void!)

And so on and so on. 
Void-Void - Void-Void

I'd love to see an Art-Deco sort of theme applied to Quake... the Bioshock footage probably inspired this and is a good example 
I'm a big fan of combining two independent themes into one for a map.

Definitely a good thing. One thing that always helps is to add a "modifier" theme to the main theme, like "snowy" or "destroyed" for example:

* Snowy castle (better than regular castle)
* Bombed city (better than regular city)
* Flooded base (better than regular base)
* Ruined pyramid (better than regular pyramid)

I'd love to see an Art-Deco sort of theme applied to Quake

Art Deco is cool, but would probably work better in quake3 as it sort of requires lots of smooth surfaces and curved shapes. Surfaces in quake always look better with lots of grime and texture to them, because of the lighting. But I'm sure someone could prove me wrong and make it work in quake. 
Combining Themes 
I did that in RPGSP1. Porn is good; rune metal is good. Result? Porn-metal (although it does sound like a sister genre to gore-metal). 
Base-Egypt could be very cool. I remember this hi-tech version of Atlantis from the original Tomb Raider, with mutants/cloning facilities etc, which I thought was innovative.

I also fondly remember Stargate's cross of hi-tech and ancient Egypt.

On the other hand, the theme doesn't really fit Quake. It's the kind of stuff Tomb Raider would do. 
Ok Metl 
my next map will be a snowy flooded pyramid bombed to ruins! 
with a void! 
how about a dadaist map which puts art deco in a void? *rimshot*

im fond of the feel of the late 96/early 97 maps that were completely otherworldly

only itd be cool to see those with... brushwork that doesnt suck. 
My Base Pack Map 
is a flooded base. It's not particularly ambitious in terms of architecture, but there are a few neat things in there and it IS flooded. 
yes multiple themes is nice. I'm highly intrigued by the idea of Knave-Egypt. Actually, Egyptian stuff has been underdone in Quake. Curse of Osiris was a sweet map.

swamp-void - wtf? 
...JPL and I were thinking about extending his CMC stuff into a base-egypt (a la Stargate) thingy at some stage, and if Travail ever gets released we might do it. 
How About... 
Wizard of Oz-Void 
I was gonna suggest Alice-Base, but decided against it. Knave is like the id-base of non-id-base textures. It can go with a lot of different things effortlessly. I did something kind of like Base-Egypt, it was just an Egypt map with some crates and techy-stuff; I wouldn't call it full-blown Base-Egypt though.

And Swamp-Void would be badass. >_< 
Copyright Troyn 2003(ish?) he came up with the idea for TNJ and worked on most of the implementation, imo it totally rocks and I would love to see a map done in that style.

Gotta agree with Than and Metls ideas though, taking a "standard" environment and adding a modifier is a great way to make the old new again.

I would also like to see more "organic" maps like czg did with insomnia with all the flesh paste everywhere, very unsettling and cool to look at. Flesh works well as a 3rd modifier, so you could have fleshy-base-void :D 
What About 

It is equivalent to Atlandide subject.. isn't it ? 
FYI, Underscore used the Base-Egypt theme back in 1998 in Shadowmines, unddm2. Well, maybe more like Tech-Egypt. 
Warp Spasm (Qouth Episode) 
maps 5 and 6 have meattech-industrial-void themes, I'll post teaser screenshots tonight in the beta thread. 
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