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No Plugins In GTKRadiant
For some reason, I don't have any plugins in GTKRadiant 1.5.0. It's really bugging me, because I can't see how badly my map's been portal'd. I've found out that it's the portals that are taking my map so long to compile, and I'd like to try and work on them.

Anybody know where I can download the default plugins? I'm on Linux here, BTW.
Hey Cool 
mapping thread! 
Don't Be A Dick Inerdia 
I never even knew GTKR had a working plugin system, so I can't tell you where to get plugins, but if you want to debug your map you might as well be best off debugging in the game.

Is this for Q3? Use r_showtris to see what the game renders and notice how the visible set changes as you move around. Learn how to use structural, detail and hint brushes in a good way by reading this:
(Finding that took me a good five minutes after PQ's wonderful restructuring.) 
I Know How To Do That... 
I know about detail brushes and hint brushes, etc., but the thing is that my map takes for ever to compile - slowly gobbling up memory, until it tries to take up more memory than my computer has, bringing it to its knees.

This is for W:ET. 
Perhaps it is your light and shadow calculations. Is your lighting being put sparatically with large number radi?

Is your map inside a giant square to prevent leaks?

Huge lights? 
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