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SM133: Machinery
2 SP maps by neg!ke and Spirit, 1 DMSP by efdat.


play my map with "fog 0" please. i forgot to remove it in the worldspawn. :( 
Nice Maps 
Woo Speedmaps! 
Here are my first finishes:

which were also my first starts for neg!ke's and spirits. neg!ke and spirits were nice enough small maps, efdat's was quite a fun large (for a speedmap) map, not really very machinery based though.

More speedmaps please! 
Nice To Speedrun. :) 
I made some speedruns on neg!ke's map. Easy run looks good, easy 100% needs polishing but 29 is ok. :) 
efdat: great design and technics. dm is fun too - despite "hell's surplus". ;)

spirit: the moving blocks are a neat idea. could have been further expanded, for example with horizontally movers and deadly consequences.

thanks for the demos, nahkahiir and mwh. 
great map guys :) the one i love the most was efdat map... real good is a speedmap? if it is then you are a fucking great!!!

neg|ke map as always solid and fuck died a few time in lightning :p for fun

spirit need more practic he is rusty :p 
Tried Them All But The Dm Map :) 
and i liked it, well done and interesting concepts in neg!kes map. Spirit's was a bit short though, but fun to hop, could've used another room. 
Good Stuff 
Efdat: nice DMSP feel to it, good layout, good spawn trap near quad

Neg!ke: liked that zombie/ lightning stuff

Spirit: too short but I liked that style, not just fragging but also some test of movement, mean secret though :P

@Nahkahiir: nice 0:29 could you possibly get more lucky; I�d like to see :) 
The secret was mandatory to have a reason for those crates, ahem. =D

I love efdat's map, we played it in deathmatch and it's a lot of fun. Astonishing texture work and ace brushwork as always.

neg!ke's was nice too, I liked that middle pillar thing. Nice atmosphere. 
URLs Outdated! 
Those Links 
are outdated too !
any other dl link available ?

Whatever Quake map you look for, it should be at filename 
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