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New Tiny CTF's Cute!
A 1-on-1 CTF pak was proposed on the Quake3World editing forum, and 1-on-1 CTF was enough of an interesting idea to get another Q3 map out of me. Note that I was still lazy enough to dupe/rotate an old Q3 map, rather than making something from scratch...

The map is far from normal. I'm not sure if I really hit the mark for 1-on-1, but it's also fun for small teams--I'd say teams of 2-3. It has SG, GL, RL for each team, along with a slightly dangerous/difficult to get BFG just for shiggles. Also 2YAs, 1 MH, 1 Jacket Armor (CPMA), and assorted health/ammo/shards.

Mirror for the Fileplanet Impaired (thanks Scourge!):

that's an interesting idea for sure.
maybe the map could have been even smaller, for faster (frantic) 1on1 action. the addition of the bfg and especially additional ammo for it could be argued though. 
It's Doable 
The q3 bfg roughly matches the qw rl for rape. So I wouldn't knock that, especially seeing where the BFGs are. With the size of the map, though, it seems like as soon as one person has one and the other doesn't it's all over, because as soon as you hear someone dunk you can probably get there with yours in the time it takes him to swim out again.

How does this play? I doubt I'll be able to try it, and trying to combine tourney and CTF gameplay seems like a neat conceptual space to navigate, although I probably wouldn't have started by mirroring a tournament map. 
The bfg is the most unneccessary element id put in Q3. With the very very limited and specific exception of ZTN's Blood Run - High Octane remix, the Q3 BFG adds nothing in the way of proppa fuhn.
I suspect placing it in a deep yet narrow pool will only make things more frustrating, though I haven't played the map yet.
Sorry to be such a downer, but that sort of thing disappoints. 
I haven't played the map...that sort of thing disappoints.


I didn't do any testing against a human, but against bots it was fun enough to play. I know that doesn't necessarily mean a lot, but honestly, I'm not losing a whole lot of sleep over it. The map is kind of a novelty in the first place.

Going for the BFG is a risky judgement based on how close your opponent is (or opponents are), and whether he'll be more likely to take the opportunity to grab/capture the flag vs. coming to kill your damp BFG-seeking self should he know you're diving. Eh. 
...whether he'll be more likely to take the opportunity to grab/capture the flag vs. coming to kill your damp BFG-seeking self... and herein lies the fun. 
ooh, I'll have to look at this later. I actually made 2 1on1 CTF maps for Quake2, always thought it was a neat variation on standard DM. 
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